Leaked images give a glimpse of Sony’s upcoming phones

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Sony up till now has followed what is called the OmniBalance design for its Xperia series. However, this design scheme has aged badly and is in a dire need of an upgrade or an entire makeover from top to bottom.

Luckily, Sony announced a few months ago that it’ll be changing its design and would be introducing a “complete new design”. Newly leaked photos of Sony Xperia have emerged that give us a few glimpses into what lies ahead for Xperia enthusiasts.

The new design, like Sony claimed is something that hasn’t been seen before on a Sony smartphone. The design follows the core values of Sony’s original design with the box like shape, but with a bit of rounded edges. The photos also reveal a dual rear camera and an 18:9 display.

Vortex.ge claims to have exclusive acquisition of Sony’s latest design drafts for its upcoming latest phones and has made renders of them. That’s the source of the leaked online images.

What’s unique about the design is not how many rounded edges it has or the phone’s shape or the usual judging criteria for a phone’s look. The phone’s back gives a mirror-like impression, not the typical reflection we see in shiny smartphones but an actual mirror-like back.

The curved round edges are different shades from each other at the top and bottom creating a unique and non-generic look as compared to its competitors who’ve already applied the curved edges design.

Sony have added their own unique twist to an existing design convention this way. The front is rumored to have a large 5.7-inch screen with 4K resolution with small bezels above and below which is sure to get fans excited. These specs indicate that one of the upcoming phones will be the Sony Xperia XZ Premium 2.

As we know, Sony doesn’t have physical buttons at the front of its phones like Samsung or Apple devices. Sony doesn’t seem to be dropping that concept but what’s interesting is that the fingerprint scanner will be incorporated into the screen.

It’s rumored that Samsung and Apple have been trying to incorporate this feature, if Sony has successfully implemented it then it could give them a huge edge in the market.

According to Vortex, the phone will also come with 6 GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 845 chipset, and 128 GB of storage along with front-facing stereo speakers.

Memory is increasingly becoming a big concern for many smartphone users now as the internal memory that comes with many smartphones is never enough. A 128 GB smartphone is a step in the right direction for Sony with increasing demand for more memory.

Vortex got access to the designs of two phones, it looks like Sony will be launching one low-end and one flagship phone with the new designs. The low-end phone seems to be the Sony Xperia XZ2 as it still has the premium look.

There’s not much information that’s available regarding this phone but looking at the designs it appears as if the fingerprint sensor on this phone is on the back of the phone rather than on the screen. It seems Sony might use the screen fingerprint sensor as a key selling point for its flagship.

This phone also has the dual lens camera but a more generic or plain design with curvier corners. It also appears to have a metal back.

The rumored price for the flagship is said to be $950, a lot of money but Sony’s competitors don’t necessarily have cheaper options either for example the Galaxy Note 8.

Keep in mind however, these are just rumors, and the site mentioned above could very well be spreading false information. However, with Sony promising to shake things up, this does look very possible. These phones will have to compete with other great devices such as the One Plus 5t, Samsung Galaxy S9, so Sony needs to bring changes like these to compete in the market.

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