Leaked Documentation suggests Windows 10X might be supported for Traditional Laptops

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In another episode of stuff that’s being leaked prior to official announcements, we get something from Microsoft. It’s their newly released operating system, Windows X, that’s also going to be available for laptops.

Now, if you don’t know what Windows 10X is, you’ll have no idea what I’m on about so allow me to explain. Windows 10X is a new operating system from Microsoft that specifically designed for Dual-screen laptops and tablets. With every major manufacturer set on releasing a dual-screen device in 2020, it was evident that an optimized operating system should be developed for it.

However, according to the leaks, Windows 10X might not be just restricted to dual-screen devices. Tech analyst, WalkingCat, discovered a document cache. It contained details on the new operating system’s interface and some of them gave away it’s possible usage.

Image: @_milincic_ on Twitter

As you can see in the screenshot of the documentation above, it mentions, “for both clamshells and foldables”. This clearly indicates that this operating system will be able to run on traditional laptops as well. If you have a look at other features of the interface, it looks like it’s a hybrid between regular Windows 10 and a user interface of a smartphone.

Image: Microsoft

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. I’m a bit skeptical regarding the optimization of Windows 10X on traditional laptops but I’m sure it will be fixed with updates. Nevertheless, I sure am excited for Windows 10X.

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