Laptops with 128GB RAM and Quadro graphics – Is this the start of mobile workstation era?

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There was a time when a desktop computer was the only tool to make content, even after the introduction of laptops during 80s desktop computers were the main computing tools in offices and workstations. The 21st century has been the witness of the revolution in almost every field related to technology or science, with the start of the century the popularity of mobile devices rose significantly, and we witnessed a technological revolution where every person on the street is moving possessing one or two pieces of mobile tech.

Laptops computers are now more popular than the desktop computers, but they are significantly less powerful even with the same specifications. For example, the desktop grade graphics card and the mobile version of them have vast differences in performance due to the limited supply of power or lesser heat dissipation, whatever the reason they are less powerful compared to their desktop counterparts.

But, with the advancements in the technology and increasing popularity of laptop computers, many laptop manufacturers are trying as hard as they can to make them proper substitutes for desktops. In gaming department, we have seen Acer predator Helios a laptop with dual graphics cards that was not much common at the time in laptops while desktops have dual graphics since 2004.

We had not seen anything that can match the power of a workstation PC in laptops until Lenovo announced Lenovo ThinkPad P52 mobile workstation on the stage of NXT BLD conference held in London. The laptop has serious specifications to deliver the required horsepower to render 3D models and work in Virtual reality.

As the laptop is marketed towards people who would like to have their workstation on the go, Lenovo tried their best not to compromise the portability while providing the necessary specifications. The design of the laptop is very simplistic, the chassis is made of Aluminum, and there are no flashy sites on the body overall.

The build is premium looking, but it suffers from the use of plastic here and there so that the cost in check, on the other hand, it weighs only 5.4 pounds. All in all, the company did not put much effort to make the device appealing, because it is not required to invest in such preliminaries for the workstations.

Image: NDTV
Image: NDTV

They invested the cost saved from making it look desirable in providing the horsepower that it requires to run the heavy tasks. The screen comes in two configurations of touch-enabled display at 4k and 1080p, the former covers 100 percent of NTSC and Adobe’s RGB color gamut with the brightness rating of 450 nits which means that it will deliver true to life colors with better contrast, on the whole, the latter is slightly inferior display with only 400 nits of brightness and 72 percent NTSC color gamut coverage. However, both screens are 15.6 inches with narrow bezels on all sides. Under the hood we find the range of Intel’s 8th generation processors up to Xeon Hexa-core, Nvidia’s mobile range of workstation graphics cards up to Quadro P3200, up to 6TB of storage the configuration will determine Hard drive, and SATA drives and a whopping amount of supported memory that is up to 128GB. ThinkPad P52 will be the first laptop with such huge amount of memory supported from Lenovo; if it launches before the DELL precision 7730 and 7750, both have similar specifications as the ThinkPad P52.

Image: DELL
Image: DELL

All in all, we have started seeing Laptops with enough computing power to render 3D videos and augmented reality programming from the giant laptop manufacturers such as DELL and Lenovo complemented by 128GB of memory, it will soon start the era where the developers would no longer have to stay beside a wall to work in their project, but the vast available opportunities on the go would not only make their work easier but also better as walking around the street would induce more ideas than sitting on the chair thinking about them. When these devices become available to the common folk, it will mark the start of a new creative and work Inducive era.

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