Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn Accuses Theresa May of not Standing up to Trump’s Travel ban

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Jeremy Corbyn leader of the Labour Party has accused British Prime Minister Theresa May of not standing up for British values in wake of the Trump Travel ban which sees Muslims and peoples from certain countries placed under a temporary ban of 90 days from entering the U.S.  The ban applies to refugees and people with correct travel documents and visas.

In a statement, he wrote, “President Trump’s executive order against refugees and Muslims should shock and appal us all.

“Theresa May should have stood up for Britain and our values by condemning his actions. It should sadden our country that she chose not to. After Trump’s hideous actions and May’s weak failure to condemn them, it’s more important than ever for us to say to refugees seeking a place of safety, that they will always be welcome in Britain.”

Pressure on May

Theresa May came under pressure from all sides in regards to the ban including her own party MPs.  One, Sarah Wollaston, being particularly vocal on Twitter.

Late last night May issued a statement that said she does not agree with the ban and will take action should it affect British citizens.

One of the criticisms of Theresa May was that she never spoke out immediately against the ban but instead had to be pressed by figures in parliament.

This is the latest incident where the Prime Minister has managed to dig herself a deep hole.  Recently, she failed to answer questions on Trident test failure, and she faces rebellion in her own party over the terms of Brexit.

The Trump administration has said that a much more far-reaching ban may be put in place over the coming months.  The reasons for the country selections where the ban is imposed is unclear but the official line is that it is to “keep America safe.”

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