Labour would back a “Sensible British Compromise” over Brexit

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Shadow Chancellor and Labour MP John McDonnell said Labour would back a “sensible British Compromise”.

Speaking to the BBC he made it clear that Jeremy Corbyn has shown true leadership by taking the position that the Labour Party must honour the referendum result as voted for by the British people.

Some Labour MPs have said they may vote against the will of the people, however, if forced to vote for triggering Article 50 should the Supreme Court rule that the Brexit vote has to go before the commons when it rules on Tuesday.

Labour Accused of Dithering

Labour have been called upon to state whether they will oppose the hard Brexit plan outlined by the government of leaving the single market and customs union or support it.

McDonnell stated that the debate was polarised between those that wanted to overturn the referendum result or those that backed a hard Brexit with the UK’s future redefined outside of the EU as a virtual tax haven.

Labour, according to McDonnell, stands between these two extremes, supporting a negotiated settlement to protect jobs, wages, and the standard of living.

He said, “Jeremy Corbyn has taken a rather courageous position in that he recognises that you have to bring the country together at some stage and it will be over a traditional British compromise.

“Somewhere along the line there will be a sensible compromise and it will be Labour that is driving that compromise.”

Labour MPs to Respect Referendum Result

When asked about Labour MPs being whipped to support Article 50 process, McDonnell stated that the referendum result had to be honoured.

He said he Labour would scrutinise any government plans for Brexit and enable parties to “influence the negotiations” as much as possible.

Shadow home secretary Dianne Abbot said that Labour would look to stay in the single market in terms of the economy and job protection.


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