L16: This 16-Lens Camera takes breath-taking DSLR level photos

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Gone are the days, when you had to use a ‘film’ to capture a photo. Today in this digital world, every technology is growing explosively. The same goes for the cameras out there these days, which are now capable of capturing amazing truly realistic photos.

One of the major breakouts in the industry now is the L16; a combination of breakthrough hardware and radically innovative software to present to you the world’s most advanced mobile camera!

Optics Architecture: A revolution of its own

Instead of a more standard single lens camera, which is rather bulky and has weight, the L16 utilizes many small lenses and sensors. These are orientated at a 45 degrees angle across a flat plane. While taking the photo, there are 10 or more apertures through which light enters.

Courtesy folded optics, the periscopic mirrors aid the L16 to bounce off the light, through horizontal lens barrel and onto specific optical sensors. This results in an exquisitely beautiful 52 Megapixel photo, made from more than 10 different perspectives.

Ten Quality pictures into one!

10 or more cameras are used to take photos at the same time when you use your L16 to capture an image. This results in capturing a bit different perspectives of the same scene. Now the L16, which has three modules, the 28mm, the 70mm, and the 160mm chooses a specific combination of these on its own, for each shot taken.

This largely depends upon the amount of scene zoomed in. Now, these similar but still different shots are fused together computationally, ending up with a very high resolution 52 Megapixel image.

Optical Zoom

Courtesy the L16’s optical engine you can easily zoom in from 28 mm to 150 mm continuously, without losing any detail at each focal length. The detail is simply remarkable. Whenever you try zooming in or out, the L16, again uses its three camera modules the 28mm, the 70mm, and the 160mm ones for the shot. This, in turn, causes an adjustment to the mirrors enabling support for particular fields of view.

On every picture taken, there are computationally sophisticated algorithms which aid overlay exposures from the higher focal length (70mm one) on top of those from lower focal lengths (28 mm one). This eventually returns in a crisp and very high-quality image with great care taken for detail.

Full Access to files

If you want to get creative with your photos you can always do so. If you think you can edit the already high-end quality photo taken automatically, the L16 doesn’t restrict you. You can use noise reduction, as well as a depth of field control. Moreover, you can also adjust the synthetic focal plane as per your needs.

Excellent Reviews

According to the Wall Street Journal: “I know a lot of photographers who would benefit from the L16”. Furthermore, it also mentioned that “What’s radical about the L16 is that it makes camera software as important as the hardware.” Coming from a trustworthy source like Wall Street, the L16 has garnered some pretty serious positive reviews.


The camera comes in with an internal non-removable battery and a handgrip. The handgrip has an additional cell, that doubles the battery. With a price tag of $1700, there is a lot to consider. If you went out to buy a DSLR, add much more for a good quality lens. Therefore, you can easily get this L16 ; an SLR capable mobile camera in the price of a DSLR, which is more portable and easier to carry.

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