Koolnee’s latest flagship phone is available at a good price with premium features

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Koolnee has announced a new flagship phone which is set to make waves in the smartphone market. The relatively new Chinese firm is known to make quality products, but the unique thing about this phone is that despite being a ‘flagship’, it’ll be really affordable.

Smartphones are constantly evolving. Gone are the days when the smartphone market had only two big firms in the form of Samsung and Apple, they were the be all and end all. However, things are much different now. Although the two are still giants of the industry, other companies have also come along and have found success by making quality products. One such example is One Plus, who’s a top competitor in the market now by rolling out top notch products consecutively.

Over time, smartphones themselves have improved drastically as well. With the competition becoming as fierce as it is now, every company is trying to best each other by coming up with unique ideas and features for their phones. This has resulted in some amazing phones over the past few years, with some gems like the One Plus 5T, the Galaxy S8, and the iPhone X. However, there’s one thing common in all of these phones, they’re pretty expensive. Of course, making a great or even ‘decent’ phone by today’s standards is not cheap, therefore, in most cases, the prices are justified.

However, Koolnee is a bit different from the rest. A relatively newer firm competing in the market, the Chinese firm has come out with some quality phones such as the Koolnee K1, which is currently selling for a discount at their official website.

What makes Koolnee different?

All Koolnee phones have one thing in common i.e. beautiful design and great visual features. These two aspects are the two that most customers go for. Take the iPhone X for example, apart from the specs, it’s the ‘notch’ design that has brought in most of the customers.

Koolnee phones have a special reflective multicolor coating,  which makes the phone look really good. For visualization purposes, take the Koolnee K1 as an example:

There are a lot of things to take away from the K1 which tells you a lot about Koolnee and its phones. The K1 looks great and apart from just looking great, it has some pretty decent specifications too which can only be found on other flagship phones. The phone does have a flagship feel to it but look at the price. The price doesn’t make it seem like a premium phone at all, yet it is.

In under $200, one can have a phone that rivals some of the top smartphone companies in the world which also has the Face unlock feature, something that’s available for $1000 otherwise through the iPhone X. If you think the K1 was decent, Koolnee has just announced a new flagship phone and expect that to be even better.

What to expect

Koolnee is set to bring all the latest features and tech into its new phone but at a much affordable price. There isn’t much information about the phone out there apart from a few renders and specifications, but those are enough to tell that the phone will be an instant hit.

The image is taken from Koolnee’s official website, therefore, there’s no rumors or speculation, this is the real deal. The phone again shows off Koolnee’s slick design, which is surely bound to attract a lot of attention. Apart from the design, Koolnee hasn’t given a lot of detail regarding the phone, except for a few key features.

First and foremost, the phone will have an 18:9 aspect ratio which suggests a tall screen much like the K1. The aspect ratio also points to the phone being pretty slim, as is evident from the photo too, the display will be FHD. A feature that’ll likely grab the attention of many is the facial recognition feature. Apple’s iPhone X’s main selling point apart from its unique design is the ‘Face ID’. The feature is no longer unique to iPhones now thanks to Koolnee.

The facial recognition feature will surely be a game changer but a newer addition to Koolnee’s list of features includes wireless charging. Advanced charging options such as wireless charging have been around for quite some time now in many flagship phones. Therefore, in order for the Koolnee K3 to be competitive in the market, the wireless charging feature is an absolute must now, more than ever.

All the above features that Koolnee will include in its latest phone are not unique. They can be easily found on other smartphones too. However, as mentioned earlier, those flagship phones aren’t cheap, which means not everyone is able to enjoy those features. However, even though Koolnee hasn’t given many details about the price, it will still be much affordable than any other flagship phone out there.

Therefore, Koolnee will get a competitive edge in the market for not only offering great phones but at a lower rate. Although this might be done to get more customers on board, for now, nobody’s complaining about having to pay less than $300 for a phone that has all the features of a $1000 phone.


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