KFC Launches first AI-enabled Branch in Beijing

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The fast food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), launched its first Artificial Intelligence- enabled branch in Beijing, announcing more plans to create even more new and interesting experiences for its customers.

According to the People’s Daily, KFC started working with Baidu Inc, China’s largest search engine to launch its first “smart restaurant” in the Financial District of Beijing on Friday.

How It Works

At the restaurant, customers can take a picture with a machine. The machine will then recognize the customer’s face, sex, age, and even mood and other details and will recommend meals the customer might like.

“If the consumer visits the store again and takes a picture with the machine, it will be able to recognize his or her face and show the previous purchase history, remember the customer’s dining habits, and help to place an order faster,” said Wu Zhongqin, Deputy Director of the Institute of Deep Learning of Baidu Inc, an aider in the development of the technology.

Another machine allows customers to interact with it. They can change their facial expressions by shaking or nodding their heads, and can take photos and save them to their phones.

The fast food chain had also opened its first Chinese smart restaurant in Shanghai, in April. This also allowed, “intelligent robot ordering,” displaying the innovative use of artificial intelligence in the restaurants.


According to Zhao Li, general manager of Beijing KFC: “Our innovations make use of the cutting-edge technologies and they will help to attract more young consumers who prefer fashionable new things. The digitalization of the restaurant will also help to provide faster and easier services.”

“We believe that the restaurant dining experiences must continue to upgrade. With 5,000 stores in China, we plan to expand such services nationwide soon, to adapt to the digital age and enable more consumers to experience enjoyable ordering experiences.”




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