Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom Get Into Fist Fight

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When two popular celebrities suddenly start throwing punches at each other at a public place, it becomes fit gossip fodder. So when the talented singer and actor Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom had an ugly fight, everyone wondered what the reasons were.

One reason that comes instantly to mind is jealousy on the part of the two men. The jealousy may have stemmed from the fact that both the men were seen with their respective ex girlfriend and wife recently. The incident at Spain’s Ibiza may have been occurred because of that, which forced Bieber to leave Cipriani immediately.

The famous club has popular patrons, and the incident happened in front of Diddy, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. The entourage members of the respective stars had a tough time separating the two. Bieber apparently even yelled, “What’s up bitch?” The worst thing was that the hot spot was filled with famous personalities from around the world that evening.

The ladies involved in this argument are Selena Gomez and Miranda Kerr, ex girlfriend and ex wife of Justin Bieber and Orlando Bloom respectively. The married couple had a divorce in October and Bloom was seen with Bieber’s on-off girlfriend Selena Gomez after the split. The rumors became even stronger when the young Canadian singer was seen with Miranda Kerr the supermodel, chatting and generally having a good time. The chatting and partying took place during a fashion show for Victoria Secret. Bieber performed there while Kerr walked the ramp at the show.

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