Justice Department and FBI to Undergo Investigation Regarding Clinton’s Emails

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The watchdog of the U.S. Department of Justice has just declared for a full investigation to be launched into the department along with the FBI in order to examine how they had dealt with the incident regarding the leaking of Hillary Clinton’s emails from her private server.

This investigation had already been anticipated prior to the final decision and came as a result of disapproving critiques towards the method and means of how the department had handled it, specifically on the way they had disclosed these matters to the public eye.

The email scandal had proved to have a detrimental effect on Clinton throughout the last little while of the U.S. elections campaign.

FBI in Question

James Comey, the Director of the FBI is most likely someone who will undergo an investigation as had been expected, for his role in how they had dealt with the email scandal at the final days of the electoral campaign.

The Democrats have come to firmly believe that this incident proved to have a profound and negative effect towards the final outcome of the presidential campaign. It is likely that such an investigation will be prolonged way into Donald Trump’s term.

Reviewing the Methods

Michael E. Horowitz, the inspector general for the Department of Justice states that this final decision and approval for the investigation to proceed had been ordered by several members of Congress as well as those from the public.

Among the matters to be questioned at hand will be the untimely decision to disclose private information of a presidential candidate to the public at the moments prior to the outcome, along with the Department of Justice and the FBI exposing information that was deemed non-public information.

The White House has announced however that they will not be participating or will involve themselves during this ongoing investigation.

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