JAYBIRD EARPHONES: A Tough Competitor for Apple Airpods?

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JAYBIRD RUN as the name suggests are completely wireless set of ear plugs, exclusively designed by JAYBIRD to give runners a hassle free, untangled, wild run. No matter how fast you run, or how jerky your trek maybe, these little plugs stay snugly fit in your ears, providing uninterrupted wireless music all the way.

The wireless sport headphones come in two colors, midnight black and white, enclosed inside a charging box. The box itself is small enough to be easily placed inside the pocket, therefore eliminating the hassle of charging them at home.

The unique design of the headphones, compatible with nearly every device, provides the user ample benefits. Following is a list of some cool features in the Plugs;

Snug Fitting

It comes with interchangeable tips and fins, which allow each and every user to make them fit in the ear. Once there, you can charge on a track for a run, go dashing down a hill, or simply be on a jerky ride, these plugs stay comfortably secure in the ear.

At the same time, the user forgets he/she put them there in the first-place due to the relaxed fit. Hence making them the perfect music partner for the runner and an envy for those wire hogged peers.


You don’t have to worry if your kid accidentally threw the plugs in water, or you just do so out of anguish on something. Because these little things come with double hydrophobic nano coating, repelling the water, thereby keeping the plugs completely safe.

Be it rain, your sweat, neighbor’s ketchup basically anything fluid is kept away due to the hydrophobic coat. Therefore, there is nothing stopping you to enjoy that comfy walk in the rain with a sweet melody in the background.

Jaybird App

The music is now completely in your control with this supporting app for the wireless earphones. You can adjust music’s highs and lows the way you like.

Added to this is the Find My Buds Feature, in case you are a forgetful person who tends to lose things ? and you can even make calls with the app. Isn’t that just cool or what! So, pump up the bass or crank the treble; you control your music’s sound with the Jaybird App.

Long Battery life

With the 12 hours of portable battery life, RUN till your hearts content!! This feature is one thing that sets the plugs on a high demand. On a single charge, they deliver 4 hours of music, while the charging box provides an additional of 8.

To top it all the exclusive 5 minutes fast charge gives 1 hour of playtime, making sure you never run out of music.

Black Case

This one of a kind charging case, apart from providing the Additional 8 hours of music, serves as the perfect little box to carry your buds. Allowing you to charge them at any place, so that you are never left without your travel companion and slip the buds enclosed in the box into your pocket for easy carrying.

Getting a look at all these cool features, it would be an understatement to say that the Jaybird RUN is an alternative to the Airpods. For the device completely overshadows the Airpods, with much greater sound clarity, snug fitting, noise isolating and the outstanding battery life.

The only thing which dampens a little of the glory, is the RUN’s price $180(Retail price); $20 higher than the Airpods. But the amazing features nevertheless cover up this flaw, making RUN Jaybird’s sport-oriented answer to the Apple Airpods!

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