Jak and Daxter series revival; Coming to PS4 this week!

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A couple of months back, Sony released a PS2 classic version of the Jak and Daxter on the PS4 with intentions to complete the series at some point. Whatever the reason for the delay, the game’s PS2 series will finally reach its conclusion this week.

So no more wait for the game lovers for the classic version of PS2 would be revived in a couple of days in the PS4, allowing you to relive the exciting moments.

On December 6, the Jak II, Jak 3 and Jak X Combat Racing will be available for download on your PS4. You can nab each game individually or together as a bundle. I’m not sure if that bundle includes the first game or not, but at least you can finally put the series to bed.

A glimpse of what to expect is in the following trailer;

As of now there is no fixed price allotted to the bundle, for the PlayStation Blog did not reveal any such information. However, what it did reveal is that to get everyone in the classic PS2 spirit, there is a theme which it would be releasing namely, “Legacy Dashboard Theme.” This theme will be selling for $2.99 on the PlayStation Store, and will bring back the sights, sounds, and feelings that made the early 2000’s such a special time.

A couple of pointers on how would you see the series going on the PS4, which includes a couple of drawbacks. Each game will, of course, run at a full 1080 peas, feature Trophy Support and Shareplay options. But the killjoy here is that the Jak X: Combat Racing won’t feature any of the multiplayer that made it so beloved back in the day, as you’ll have to settle for split-screen local play instead.

There’ll also be a PS2 Classics Legacy dashboard theme (mentioned earlier) up for grabs on the PlayStation Store, in case you’re the kind of gamer who pines for the good ole days and regularly yells at the clouds outside for their drizzly micro transactions.

Jak and Daxter; a video game franchise created by Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin and owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. The series was developed by Naughty Dog with a number of installments being outsourced to Ready at Dawn and High Impact Games. The first game, released on December 3, 2001, was one of the earliest titles for the PlayStation 2, and is regarded as a defining franchise for the console.

The games are considered story-based platformers that feature a mixture of action, racing and puzzle solving. The series is set in a fictional universe that incorporates science fantasy elements, and centers on the eponymous characters as they try to uncover the secrets of their world, and unravel the mysteries left behind by an ancient race of Precursors.

Get to enter a new world of magic, adventure, exploration, and discovery where enormous vistas and exotic characters lead you to places beyond your imagination. Test your wits and your skills as you embark on a journey to reverse your best friend’s transformation into a furry Ottsel, even as he entangles you in his amusing antics.

You get to discover twisted corruption and battle the sinister minds behind this chilling plot. Light Eco. Precursor Technology. Power Cells. Dark Eco. What does it all mean? Only one person holds the secret behind the power of the mysterious Eco. Together you must now take on these endeavors.

So for all those adventure seekers out there, who previously were unaware of the existence of Jak and Daxter, here is perfect opportunity for you guys to experience maximum thrill and adventure loaded with suspense and mystery. A whole new world of excitement and curiosity. The game was quite a hip game of its period and the producers have some very sweet memories of the first launch;

In the blog post, SIEA associate producer Bryan Pardilla reminisces about what made Jak II such a special release for the young fans of the series. Talking about how a voice given to Jak changed the gameplay and let them explore new barriers in the gaming world and that of story-telling.

“The narrative tropes Naughty Dog explored in Jak and Daxter laid the foundation for the evolution of their highly innovative story telling. It put them on the path that led to the creation of future blockbuster franchises like Uncharted and The Last of Us— and to think it all started with giving Jak his own voice. Jak 3 on PS4. In celebration of Naughty Dog’s rich heritage, it is with great pleasure that we present to you these Jak & Daxter classics on the PS4.”

Surely, it is one of the finest fun games around and you would definitely enjoy having a go at it. But for now wait till the 6th of December to actually relive the past!

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