Jabra set to release their $199 Elite 65e Noise Cancellation Neckbuds Headphones next month

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Jabra just unveiled their Elite 65e Noise Cancellation Neckbuds headphones, for a price you wouldn’t mind; $199.
Who doesn’t love good quality headphones, which are long-lasting, and also deliver solid quality sound. Jabra is one such brand which is known amongst the sound lovers for their good quality headphones. Now it seems that they are all set to launch their all-new neck bud headphones in just a month.

The headphones are equipped with a built-in noise cancellation technology. Furthermore, not only does it have a microphone but there are two others as well making for a total of 3 microphones. This would surely lead to better voice quality delivered. Also forget charging the device often, as a single charge can easily provide you with up to 8 hours of battery time, which is more than enough for at least 3-4 movies, and a plethora of songs. The battery time can even be extended 5 further hours for a total of 13 if you turn ANC off.

If you are still thinking how the headphones are capable of having such a high battery time, when there isn’t obviously much space for spacious batteries, then the answer is really simple. The headphones have been carefully designed to hold the extended battery in the neckband itself. For the tech-savvy, this surely sounds genius from the Jabra team.

Not only this, but the headphones also support Alexa, Google Assitant as well as Apple’s Siri. This means that the Jabra Elite 65e Noise Cancellation headphones can be used on all iOS devices, and also all devices running on an Android operating system. If you want to play around with the equalizer settings, now you can easily do so courtesy the Jabra Sound+ companion app.

Now, if you were happy with your ordinary headphones supporting the not so old Bluetooth 4.1 technology, then there is even better news, as these headphones support the latest Bluetooth 5 technology, which means there won’t be sound ‘breaks’ and headphones are also likely to cover a longer range. This means that Qualcomm’s new QCC5100 chipset might have been used in the headphones but Jabra is yet to confirm that. Available for $199, the headphones shall be made available to the public by next month i.e. April 2018.

According to Calum MacDougall who is the Senior Vice President at Jabra, “The Jabra Elite 65e is perfect for the on-the-go user who wants noise blocked out, allowing for great conversations and music. We are well-known for our noise cancellation capabilities in the enterprise market, and this professional engineering allows us to offer an unrivaled solution for all consumers. The voice command capabilities and outstanding battery life, in combination with the comfortable fit, make the earbuds your best all-day, everyday companion.”

If you want to get further information related to this Jabra product or want to know the full specifications, then just head over to the manufacturer’s website here at https://www.jabra.com/bluetooth-headsets/jabra-elite-65e for in-depth details.

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