It’s the best time to buy a graphics card – here is why!

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Like the market for every product the Graphics card market has been in a constant phase of ups and downs, but since the decline in the prices of the different cryptocurrencies mostly Ethereum the demand of the Graphics cards has been decreased across the board and due to the decrease in demand the prices of the Graphics cards are declining. Since the end of the Q1 of 2018, the inflated prices of most Graphics cards have come back to their MSRP levels which means that almost 20% prices have been fallen. That’s all with what has been done in the past now let’s talk about the development that is to be expected in the next months.

According to Analysts, the prices of the graphics cards can go further back in the next months due to various reasons. We’ll talk about the reasons briefly and see to how much extent the particular reason will affect the prices of the Graphics cards, while trying to answer the question “is it the best time to buy a Graphics card?”

Image: tomshardware
Image: tomshardware


The most “economic” reason for the decrease in the prices of the Graphics cards is the current surplus in the market, Nvidia has produced millions of their current gen Graphics cards due to the apparent demand in the mining market but the abrupt fall in the prices caused the resultant demand for the Graphics cards to decrease. These extra units have caused the dealers to decrease the already decreased prices even more.

According to DigiTimes, the surplus has mounted up to a total of seven million units, and these are only the products made by Nvidia and its partners let alone the Radeon and Vega cards. The main reason behind pushing back the alleged release dates of the next gen Graphics cards is also this surplus and the company fears that people will stop buying the last gen Graphics cards and according to another rumor Nvidia has another million products in its storage centers, the development can increase the sales of the cards, but the prices of the devices will be lower. Every Graphics card on the market will be affected by the aftereffects of the surplus so if you want to buy these cards, this would be a perfect time.

Image: cointelegraph
Image: cointelegraph

The miners are also getting rid of their hobby, and they are mostly selling their Graphics cards on eBay before the decrease in prices furthermore, they are also selling their mining rigs which are also unsurprising.

Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards

Two years have been passed since the release of the first graphics card based on the Pascal architecture, the next-gen graphics cards should have reached the market by now, but due to the reason mentioned above, Nvidia is reluctant to release its best of the best technology.

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The conflicting rumors are also suggesting that Nvidia wants to release the new graphics cards along with the already present Graphics cards in the market, but due to the huge surplus, they are forced to push back the release dates of the new Graphics cards. The late August/Early September rumored release date of the new Graphics cards would bring the price cuts in the already marketed graphics cards.

Image: techradar
Image: techradar

The most notable price cut will be in the GeForce GTX 1080Ti which will have the new MSRP that will be 100 dollars less than its current MSRP with additional offers and benefits. The GTX 1080 will also offer the reduced MSRP that will have a generation discount of almost 60 dollars while the remaining Graphics cards will have a subsequent decrease in prices.

The trend is the same for the AMD Graphics cards even though there is no word about their next-gen Graphics card the prices of their current Graphics cards is decreasing side by side. However, the enthusiasts must wait for more Graphics cards based on Polaris architecture at the end of this year as AMD is hoping to continue releasing Radeon lineup based on Polaris 11 architecture.

Image: Wccftech
Image: Wccftech

Deals & offers

The deals and offers that OEMs are offering may not decrease the prices of the Graphics cards, but the offers that some of the distributors are offering may increase the benefit of buying the products. The offers are mostly on the Nvidia’s products because they want to get rid of the additional stock as soon as possible. The offers include 120GB and 240GB SSDs and an exclusive Nvidia exclusive game promo which includes a copy of Destiny 2 game and its two DLCs curse of the Osiris and Warmind.

Image: Nvidia
Image: Nvidia

The offer covers the entire range of Nvidia’s Graphics cards including the GTX 1080s, GTX 1070s, GTX 1060s and the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti. The bundle varies with different Graphics cards if you buy the high-end GTX 1080s than you will get the Nvidia game bundle while if you buy the low-end GTX 1050Ti, you may end up with the 120GB SSD more offers are up on Nvidia’s website. Please bear in mind these offers are region specific as most of the offers are for UAE, UK, and Portugal.

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