Israel Withdraws its Ambassadors Over Alleged U.N. Betrayal

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Israel is enraged by the final outcome of the U.N. passing its recent resolution in halting and preventing Israeli settlements from being constructed in the West Bank and in Jerusalem.

The U.S. has abstained from the 15 votes required for the draft to pass, allowing the 14 other votes to win unless a veto was requested by them.

In the past the United States has usually vetoed any proposal that in any way might harm its interests or relations with the Israeli government.

Although the council had applauded the final decision, Israel has claimed that is has been deserted by the United States, and condemns its action of abstaining from the vote.

A Change in the Tide

The Palestinian territories set in 1967 have seen Israeli settlements being bombarded all over it, breaching international law and this resolution seeks to eliminate any further settlements from being constructed, as well as halting any current illegal settlements that still remain.

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon stated that this new draft being passed serves as a symbolic and historic moment as it increases the hope for a possible two-state solution in the future. The illegal settlements have continued in delaying the two-state proposal and taking it a step backwards every time.

Israeli Rage

The Israeli government has announced that they will not oblige or submit to the new restrictions that have been passed on them, referring to this final vote as a “victory for terror” according to Danny Damon, the Israeli representative to the U.N. New Zealand and Senegal were two of several nations that participated in the development of the U.N. draft.

All forms of aid to Senegal have ceased by Israel, and Israeli ambassadors situated in Senegal and New Zealand have been recalled back so as to further discuss the matter.

Murray McCully, New Zealand’s Foreign Minister stated that their decision in this vote should not surprise anyone, as their views and policies regarding the Palestinian matter has always remained to be clear.



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