Tutu Helper App

Is Tutu App Helper really an alternative way to Jailbreak iOS? Find out here!

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Tired of waiting for a Jailbreak release for your iOS? Think that the jailbreaking process is too risky for you? Then, you have come to the right place. You don’t really need to jailbreak to install tweaked applications since there is a simple workaround to that: The Tutu App Helper.

Tutu Helper App

As of now, it seems that the Jailbreak community has gone into hibernation if not already dead. A jailbreak takes months to be released and that is if they do. Then it’s entirely possible that the Jailbreak release wouldn’t be supported on your old 32-bit device (iPhone 5 and older)  such as was the case with jailbreaks released after the one for iOS 9.0.2. That said, there are other concerns too, mainly the security.

Not everyone feels safe with a jailbroken phone since it is more vulnerable to data stealing or malware attacks.

The alternative is quite simple. The TutuApp Helper allows you to install tweaked apps and services without having to jailbreak your device. On top of this, the procedure is quite simple, unlike the usual Jailbreak.

The TutuApp has loads of applications which are tweaked versions of the applications on the Apple Appstore, or they are paid ones on the Appstore. Therefore, it is a perfect Appstore in itself, which allows you to download and install apps which you couldn’t get otherwise.

Another perk of using this is as an alternative to Jailbreak is that it doesn’t require a computer. All one needs is a bit of patience. Courtesy the sideloading of apps, and Apple granting an Enterprise or Developer Certificate to those who need it, the workaround i.e TutuApp utilizes these to provide an Appstore like experience without having to go to the ordeal of sideloading yourself.

TutuApp in itself was initially a Chinese app store through which games and other applications could be downloaded without any cost. Since it was in Chinese, foreigners’ who couldn’t understand the language found it hard to access and use the App.

Therefore, as the user interest grew, the developer launched an updated version of the App which featured English. Furthermore, the developers also changed the name to Tutu Helper from the previous Tutu App. The tagline remained that same i.e. “The Best iOS and Android Helper”.

There are two versions of the app available. One is the regular one and the other is known as VIP or Premium. One of the major reasons behind the App’s success was the release of the Modded Pokemon Go App, with cool extra features and tricks. Moreover, the app also includes a Location Spoofing hack along with other GPS related tricks.


The question arises as to whether the Tutu Helper is real or not, or is it just a scam. According to the reviewing site like MyWOT and site advisor The Tutu App is not considered a risky, scam or fraudulent application. Moreover, it is easy and safe to use for children too. Those who try to defame the App are themselves likely to be scammers tricking people into buying their ‘own’ product.

If you find yourself keen on installing the TutuApp Helper, then just follow the below steps, and liberate your iOS and yourself.

How to install the TutuApp Helper:

  • Since we are going to browse to the app’s website, just open up Safari on your iOS device (must not be another browser) and navigate to the following link tutuapp.vip
  • Wait for the webpage to load. In front of you would be an icon labeled Download Now which you can choose to download the App. Just make sure that you have chosen the Regular and not VIP button before you go an select the Download Now button
  • Once you have pressed the Download Now button, it will result in a pop up as shown in the image below and you just need to press Install, which will then install the app on your device.
  • Tutu Helper App
    Tutu Helper App
  • The App would leave an icon on the Home screen, similar to other App installs from the Appstore itself. On the contrary, you wouldn’t be able to open the app just then, since it would give an Untrusted Enterprise Developer error.
  • Tutu Helper App
    Tutu Helper App
  • For this, you just need to head to Settings and select General.
  • From there, go to Device Management > [name of the developer]
  • There just tap on Trust and then Trust again on the certificate. If you have a different iOS version then you can find this by navigating to General > Profile(s) & Device Managemen or General > Profile(s).
  • Tutu Helper App
    Tutu Helper App
  • It’s plain and simple after that. Just tap on the icon on the home screen like you do with the AppStore and off you go across a plethora of modded and cracked applications suited to your needs
Tutu Helper App
Tutu Helper App

This is all you need to do. Seems easy, right? You didn’t even need a Laptop for this! Not even the lightning cable. Feel free to drop any queries in the comments.

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