Is the New Ultimate 4K Xbox One S Worth it?

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Microsoft finally released the Xbox one S the way it was expected.

Gorgeous Design:

On first impressions this console is absolutely gorgeous it was designed to be a modern looking console, surely it’s just boxy design but small design elements truly standout. The Xbox One S retails for about $299. It’s all white really slick and some redesigns all around. It comes in a slim white design with a black base and a dotted grille effect on half of the body.

You can tell the Microsoft went to great links to make this one of the most attractive consoles of the electronic generation and thank tech gods for getting rid of that power brick.


Even with the internal power brick, the console is now 40% smaller than the outgoing console and seriously in my opinion Xbox one S is probably one best of the best if not the best looking of the eighth generation consoles.

In terms of ports, there is no port for Kinect, the system includes a power plug port because the power supply is actually built in, HDMI out, HDMI in and three USB 3.0 ports and it also includes IR out, an optical audio port with an Ethernet port. Also, there is a physical eject button so you can actually eject out your DVD’s or Blu-Rays. Check Prices at Amazon

Upgraded Difference:

Let’s take a closer look at the major differences that this new XBOX one S has brought. It is the first major console to support 4k gaming and it’s being upscaled, making it slightly better than the current Xbox One, it has an HDMI 2.0 output with HDCP 2.2 copy protection support. No current game is currently running at 4K native resolution on the Xbox one S but the scaling will do wonders for those that are using 4k TVs, however, Netflix and Ultra HD Blu-ray will be displayed in native 4k.

It bridges the gap between the old and the new, and while it is hard to make a case for an upgrade for existing Xbox One owners, it has become the best console on the market on the build up to Christmas 2016.

Specifications matters:

Let’s discuss HDR (high dynamic range) basically it increases the spectrum of colors that are being displayed. The whites are wider and the blacks are much deeper. So high dynamic range really showcases well on the new Xbox One S. The Xbox one S does have HDR support if connected to a supported display In terms of performance the Xbox One S has the extra processing power, GPU is clocked at 914 MHz compared to 853 MHz of the regular Xbox One.

Games that utilize a dynamic resolution or unlocked frame rate will see an added benefit but nothing too drastic or worth upgrading for. It’s just something that is there but it’s not the sole reason to upgrade. Games like Overwatch, Halo 5 that uses a dynamic resolution will see a slight benefit to the frame rate.

Most wanted features:

Changing the power button to an actual physical button was a great move and now you don’t have to worry about accidentally touching the old capacitive button and turn on the console, this is a welcome change. The power button is clickable so it’s no more touch sensitive. The original Xbox One is very noisy in standby mode.

Most of the noise came from the power brick that was housed with a very small fan even when it isn’t downloading anything. Thankfully the new S system is far quieter in that regard and overall the system fans under load seem slightly quieter.

New Dashboard:

x-box-one-New Dashboard-min

With the recent upgrades, the new dashboard looks stunning following up the Microsoft anniversary aspects and in terms of performance using the new dashboard feels a little bit snappier and faster than the original Xbox One.

Background music playback is finally included in the latest update allowing you to play your songs directly from the application and you can actually go ahead and listen to your music in the background while you surf the web, do other things or even watching a movie doesn’t matter. It will play over anything.

Redesigned Controller:

xbox-one-Redesigned Controller-min

The controller has received a slight upgrade. Straight from the Microsoft Labs, the controller has a textured grid which is rather nice but the biggest upgrade is the switch to Bluetooth technology which provides a much more reliable connection between the system and the controller but unfortunately, Microsoft still does not include rechargeable batteries with the controllers.

The system is currently available in a variety of colors with a storage option of 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB, which relate to the amount of storage on offer. Iconic White which is the basic model. Each other model is either a bundle or an exclusive bundle that includes 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray playbacks.


With 4k Ultra HD streaming and playback options, an advanced HDR supported console, a perfect box to get blown away with the epic experience it is worth the bucks. If you already own Microsoft Xbox One then personally I don’t think it’s worth it unless if you have a fancy 4K Television and want to enjoy some 4k content.

Unlike Sony PlayStation, the new Xbox One S supports backward capability too, which enables playing games from older gen consoles and the price tag is fair enough for the tech Microsoft is offering. A complete package with awesome features and new stunning build and design it’s a must have console only if you don’t own the last gen Xbox as it is a slight upgrade from the previous model.

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