Is the new Need for Speed Payback inspired by Fast and Furious?

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‘Need For Speed (NFS)’ has always been a favorite game of many PC gamers, and remained an undisputed champion in cars race category for more than a decade. People who are not even real gamers have played this game on PS2, Xbox or PC.

EA has been producing Need For Speed from quite a long time and have always given us the best version every year, some of them got very famous like NFS Most Wanted was one of the most played games on any platform and trust me if you haven’t played that one, let me tell you that it was really one of the best games ever made.

However, some versions of the NFS released in the past years had some issue, the players reported that they were not as good as they expected. But EA never disappointed Need For Speed fans when it comes to a quality car racing game, which is why the Fans remained loyal to EA until THIS happened!

Need For Speed is becoming the fast and furious!

As people were waiting for the upcoming new Need For Speed desperately, a gossip erupted when EA Games along with the developer Ghost Games finally revealed the Trailer and some screenshots from the game.

If you have watched the famous car racing themed movies, The Fast and Furious, this NFS trailer above would have reminded you of that; things like the bad guys being chased by the police and a cartel or some missions to chase and get to the bad boys, drifting smoking tires and many such similarities hinted us about what was there in developer’s head while creating the game.

The new Need For Speed Payback is set to release on the 10Th of November this year. Before  the game launches, the slots will be opened for up to 10 hours for EA Access and Origin Access player on November 2nd.

It will be available for Xbox One, Ps4 and PC for now, but EA did not specify whether the new NFS Payback would be out for 4K or not.

EA is also giving a special offer for its pre-booking customers to buy Need For Speed Payback Platinum Car Pack, which will instantly give them the access to 5 unique and especially customized cars in the game at launch, each of the car will have Blue Tire Smoke. The cars that are included in the package are.

  1. Nissan 350Z 2008
  2. Chevrolet Camaro SS 1967
  3. Dodge Charger R/T 1969
  4. Ford F-150 2016
  5. Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport 2016

Story Line:

Need For Speed has promised an amazing car racing game experience like old Need For Speed games have delivered. They have also added a little new “story element” in the game to make it look more classy.

The NFS new gameplay, as promised by EA, will have an “explosive adventure filled with intense heist missions, high stakes care battles, epic cop pursuits and some jaw-dropping set piece” and that too with “blockbuster gameplay never seen before from the series, fueled by a gripping story of betrayal and revenge”.

The story of the game goes by a Trio who are up against a specific group of bad guys called “The House”, who is a cartel, connected with every big crime and controls everything in the city of “Fortune Valley”, including the police and city’s casinos. The Fast and Furious connection goes even deeper than just following a bunch of local car racers as they whizz through the underground with streets races.

The new Need For Speed has also focused a lot on the “car customization” than the previous releases and has tried to make it look more real. The spokesperson at EA says, “ with the new NFS Payback you will be able to true-craft a personalized and unique ride” and can turn any old or new car into a lovely super-fast car.

Lets talk about the Trailer:

After looking at the recently pre-released trailer of the new Need For Speed Payback, you can surely say that it is going to be one hell of car-racing game with some very nice story line.

The trailer shows an underground car-racing crew that has been betrayed by a female member of the group. And the crew decides to go against her and fight back with this mafia group called “The House” who is a very powerful gang that is running many casinos and have police at their side too. And they decide to bring “The House” down, which includes some really great races, cop chases and some really great stunts as well.

Even though EA has not specified about the display of the game that would it be 4K supported or not but looking at the trailer, the graphics of the games look promising and talking about the cars, this 1:25 minutes trailer has showed some really cool super fast cars including Ford, BMW, Lamborghinis, Nissan, Dodge Charger along with some old classics having a race in a desert.

Despite the changes that have been made in the gameplay of the new Need For Speed Payback, Ghost Games and EA has promised “the deepest customization from the series” and that players would be able to craft their cars and customize them personally, and they will be able to spend a lot of time with the old abandoned cars to make them super-fast ones.

With addition to this, EA and Ghost Games are going to a full trailer of the new Need For Speed Payback along with the full details and support at the coming EA’s E3 event at EA Play, where all the new upcoming games including Star Wars Battlefront 2, FIFA 18, NBA LIVE 18, Madden NFL 18 etc. will also announced with the full trailers of the games with full details.

The gameplay trailer of Need For Speed Payback too is yet to be released at E3.

What should we expect from the new NFS?

Well after watching the given details and the teaser trailer, I can surely say that EA has planned big this time for the old die hard Need For Speed fans and they are all set to deliver them the best entertainment through the game and that all those players who have some complains about how the Need For Speed franchise is loosing its charm and “the old versions of NFS were really better than the new released ones” will be happy with the new NFS Payback, so lets hope the new NFS will bring back its original charm and will get a lot of appreciation from the users. We should keep our hopes high and wait till November and see how this whole thing turns out to be.

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