Is Nvidia’s new GeForce RTX 2080 launching next week or is it something else?

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Right after the reveal of Turing architecture during their presentation at the SIGGRAPH graphics conference, Nvidia revealed a teaser video which they called “Be For The Game” for their GeForce event that will be held a day before Gamescom on August 20 at Cologne. It looks like the first gaming based Graphics card to be based on the Turing Graphics card will be revealed next week. Nvidia has been teasing about a special surprise during their GeForce event. The newly released teaser video seems like another bead in the stream. The teaser has many clues for everyone to understand what the company is aiming to do at their event.

The teaser video starts with flashes of a new design of the founder’s edition graphics cards which will now have a freshly designed cooler, front surface, and a backplate. Then the video gives tribute to the Pascal graphics cards and snippets of PC building; even liquid cooling is also shown which hint about the overclocking capabilities of the new Graphics cards. After that, we can see Nvidia’s formal tribute to PC builders and gamers and then the thought-provoking and at times funny clues start. Genius people over Reddit deciphered many of these clues, but it can be said that many further inferences can be made during this week.

At first there is not much to take from the video since the new design snippets are not that clear even if you watch the teaser at its full resolution and then there are PCs with the last gen Graphics cards, and lastly they show some threads which are the basic information that those genius minds used to get something radical out of them. Here’s a much cleaner version of the Nvidia’s teaser video.

Before getting into the details of much of the inferred information let’s get done with the information we know for certain about these upcoming Graphics cards. Nvidia revealed the Turing architecture and these Graphics cards will certainly have the Turing architecture due to its generational leap over the Pascal counterparts and due to the Ray tracing abilities of freshly introduced RT cores. We know that Microsoft is working on the DX 13 which will mainly focus on the lighting in the games and make it as real as possible and ray tracing is the only way forward to simulate a situation of global illumination. The new Quadro RTX GPU rendered the Microsoft’s ray tracing Star Wars video in real time during their presentation at the stage of SIGGRAPH graphics conference, any other Graphics card has not done the same in real time. The other confirmed specification is the use of the GDDR6 memory module either from Micron or Samsung, they used Samsung’s module built on 10nm process in their Quadro series.

The ray tracing push in the game will be one of the most exciting features of the new Graphics cards; it can be said that there is not going to be a 4k60 situation but any game with perfect illumination would look astonishing even if it is being played at a lower resolution than UHD. This is one of the right steps from Nvidia while many of us want the extra sharpness (sharpness and details are dependent upon the resolution of the picture) in our games but a slightly lowered resolution picture with perfect illumination would look much better compared to over processed sharp image. We can see a Graphics card capable of delivering consistent framerate at UHD resolution with perfect illumination and shadows very soon but not this time at least for now.

Coming back to the teaser video, one can find many references about the nomenclature of the upcoming Graphics cards mainly in the last section of the video. Well, Nvidia pretty much spelled out the name of the Graphics card if you have the eyes to see them. Their next generation flagship Graphics card will be called GeForce RTX 2080. It can be seen that Nvidia is finally ditching the traditional GTX prefix in favor of the RTX to bolster the ray tracing abilities of the new hardware just like they did with the Quadro series. The main aspect in terms of product differentiation to see here is that by slightly changing the name they can sell both GTX pascal cards and RTX Turing cards without the hassle of sale sabotages.

Lastly, in the video if you focus on the names of the people, you can pretty much spell out the RTX 2080 from there. For example, RoyTeX is for RTX, Not_11 is indicating the cards will not be 11xx, and Mac-20 and Eight Tee hints on 2080. Lastly, right when the video ends the date appears such that 2 appears first than there is a 0 followed by 8 and lastly another 0 clearly indicating the 2080 name of the flagship Graphics card. Lastly, Nvidia has done its marketing homework this time around with the naming convention they choose it would certainly benefit the condition of the firm.

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