If you drop your iPhone X, this is what it would look like..

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The hottest phone of year, Apple iPhone X caught the first attention by its gorgeous design that everybody wanted to get their hands on. Its beautifully crafted glass body certainly makes the phone looks irresistible but it has also put the phone on “Handle with care” precautions. And if you fail to do so, your iPhone X might face the same faith as this phone did.

The admin of UK Grime’s Twitter account tweeted a picture of a completed wrecked iPhone X, in which the back of the phone can clearly be seen shattered into pieces. Apparently, the guy dropped his iPhone X and its fragile body couldn’t take it.

This tweet instantly got famous and has been retweeted more than 13k times. It also received more than a thousand comments; some concerned about whether a phone this much fragile is worth $999 or not, while some made fun out of the unique name of iPhone X, relating it to the term ‘ex’ and its usage.

In fact, one of the funny tweets commented on the photo got 10x times more famous than the original photo itself. Check it out here..

People over twitter had their fun sharing and commenting on the photo of a cracked iPhone X but our condolences are with the owner of the phone who just lost his newly bought, expensive and trending smartphone. What’s more sad is the fact that the maintenance of a damaged iPhone X might cost as high the price of an iPhone 7 is, at the moment.

NOT handling your iPhone X with care is a bad idea. And even if you’re an easy going person, it would be best for your use fully covered iPhone X cases for the safety of your expensive phone. It might sound funny but keeping the phone out of reach of the children wouldn’t be wrong to say, considering how flimsy iPhone X is. So Protect it first, Show off later!

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