The iPhone X screen replacement would cost you a lot more than expected

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iPhone X has been set for a launch date of 3rd November. Despite the fact that it would be extremely difficult to get your hands on an iPhone X early due to the production issues, and the hype around the new major design change, even if you do get one, there are other things to look out for.

Along with the release of the ‘X’, Apple also released the pricing information for the repairs. As expected, with a phone costing a whopping $1000, the repairs too would be proportionately high. A screen replacement would set your straight a staggering $279 if you don’t have the extended warranty.

If you wanted to get your typical iPhone 6 screen replaced that would have cost you $129 or $169 for that of the just-released iPhone 8. Therefore, this price tag of $279 is on average 50 percent higher than the usual screen replacement of other iPhones.

If you are already setback by this information, then we have more. You should avoid as much as possible to damage your iPhone in any other way. This is because all out-of-warranty repairs would cost a sum more than half the original price of the phone; $549! This time too that’s way more than other out of warranty repairs of other iPhones.

The latest iPhone 8 would cost you $349 or $399 for the 8 plus. Therefore, you might reconsider getting your phone repaired if you crack the glass back of the iPhone 8 or the iPhone X and just using the phone anyway would still be a better option.

Yes, many consider the Apple’s extended warranty dubbed the AppleCare + as just an extra, but you might just want to reconsider this if you are thinking about buying the iPhone X. The extended warranty costs a $199 which is still more than the extended warranty for iPhone 8 costing $129 and that for the 8 plus amounting to $149.

Though the warranty in itself might seem a bit expensive, but courtesy of this, the warranty service fee is quite less. This applies when Apple is going to repair an iPhone classified under accidental damage. Therefore, courtesy this warranty, it would just cost a meager $29 for a screen replacement or a $99 for repairing anything other than this.

Previously, buying Apple Care’s extended warranty could be helpful and could be not, more like a 50/50 chance if it turns out to useful. For instance, if you were to get your broken screen replaced once out of warranty, then it would still be cheaper than buying Apple Care and then getting it repaired under the extended warranty.

Yes, the warranty might prove to be useful in the upcoming years, like if your phone gets non-accidentally damaged within the three years.

On the contrary getting the Apple Care for the iPhone X might turn out to be a better deal. This is because you can get your screen replaced TWICE which would usually cost $279 for a much lower amount.

Therefore, if you are the one who has spent a whopping $1000 on the iPhone X, the $199 extended warranty might in itself turn out to be a better insurance policy. This would also come in handy if in case your iPhone just stops working on its own, covering full repairs.

If you think that Apple is charging way too much for these replacements, then bear in mind, that the OLED panels of the iPhone X are an expensive technology itself, and Apple has to ask Samsung in turn to get them, therefore adds to the cost. Moreover, with all the intricacies around production, the OLED panels are already going to have a limited supply, thus explaining the high cost.

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