iPhone X is the smartphone from the Future – Here’s Why!

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In celebration of iPhone’s 10-years anniversary, Apple in its Event today unveiled the top notch tech of the year 2017, with an advanced upgrade of Apple TV, Apple Watch that can work without iPhone, the long-awaited iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and the company’s flagship smartphone iPhone X.

(iPhone X is not the alphabet X but the roman numeral X which means 10 thus it is pronounced as iPhone 10)

Priced at $999, iPhone X doesn’t seem to be a highly expensive device considering the amount of high-tech features it offers. Straight from the future, iPhone X does have the abilities that make it worth its price tag. Here’s how!

iPhone X has an astonishing OLED display, not something like you have been hearing about curved OLEDs lately, but something different with its glass, design, carved in the device beautifully. The 5.8 inches screen is curved from the glass back of the phone stretching all the way to its front and still leaving some space for the border. iPhone X body is smaller but its OLED display is bigger than all the plus sized iphones.

Calling it a Super Retina Display because of its 1125 x 2436 pixels of resolution, 3D Touch and TrueTone automatic calibration, Apple made sure that iPhone X display leaves no chance of criticism.

Starting from the coolest feature of iPhone X is its Facial recognition technology called Face ID, that takes the place of Touch ID and Passcode. Face ID as they say is so powerful and accurate that the chances of someone stealing access to your iPhone is one in a million.

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iPhone X has an entirely separate camera for facial recognition which is why it is impossible to fool it using photographs or any other means as its TrueDepth camera system is packed with a lot of sensors and a projector that scans your face with 30,000 infrared dots. The strong infrared face detection technology can detect face easily even if the person is wearing lots of makeup, or glasses, hat, masks etc.

The Face ID follows the movement of eyes as well which means if someone tries to access your phone while you’re sleeping, he would certainly be disappointed as the Face ID requires an attentive movement of facial expressions in order to unlock the iPhone X.

Apple has done major design changes in its flagship smartphone iPhone X, alongside OLED screen, horizontal back camera shape and glass body, it has eliminated the home button which was the key feature of iPhones, until X. No home button means the front of the screen is entirely button free and the functions of home button can be done through new interface pattern of “Swipe up”.

Swipe up from bottom to up for home screen, control center, camera etc and from top to bottom for other options, same goes from left to right and right to left. Everything is just a swipe away in iPhone X!

The next cool feature comes from the front camera of iPhone X, which is said to be more important and advanced than its rear camera. Since people these days seem to be obsessed with Snapchat filters, funny faces and emojis, Apple might have decided to give such people the direct access to their obsession through iPhone X Animoji feature.

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Animoji are animated emoji reacting to your face, making your iMessage and other conversations more lively and fun. You can become whatever the emoji you want through Animoji in iPhone X.

The glass and metal body make the phone dust and water resistance. The battery life of iPhone X is also two hours more lasting than iPhone 7, leaving no room for improvement for now. Although iPhone X will hit the market in November but it has hit our hearts already.

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