iPhone can play music louder through this secret hack

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Even if you’re a loyal customer and a freak of Apple, there will always be somethings you don’t know about your iPhone or other apple devices.

One such thing was recently found and acknowledged by a twitter user about iPhone’s secret ability to increase the volume of the speaker a bit louder than its limit, through some very easy settings.

Fact is nobody really knows the actual limit of the sound of iPhone speaker, which is why doing some settings may affect the sound. You can actually play music louder by just doing few clicks.

This feature can be activated through settings, from where you have to go into Music and set the EQ to ‘Late Night’, That’s all you gotta do!

The guy tweeted from his handle @TheBaeMarcus the clear screenshots of the procedure to maximize the speaker sound.


The tweet received more than 85k retweets and 176k likes and was widely circulated and appreciated. As most of the replies suggest that the trick of this newly discovered featured really worked and people actually experienced the increase of sound in their iPhones.

This is not the first time that TheBaeMarcus has informed something underrated about iPhones. He once also tweeted hacks for Apple Earbuds and its interesting usage for controlling Siri, camera and ignoring calls etc.

One of his famous Apple-hacks is about enabling AssistiveTouch for easy access to your iphone’s functions. Go to the general settings, get into Accessibility, choose AssistiveTouch, turn it on and you’ll see a button appear that can be customized to your priorities.

The AssistiveTouch screen touch button saves your from pushing the home button again and again for going back to the home screen. It’s a quick access to your major phone control.

Try these features and let us know what you think about them in the comments below.


-This article was originally published on the Ladbible

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