iphone 8 leaked

iPhone 8 designs leaked as rumors hit the shelf

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A new rumor regarding the iPhone8 has just started to hit up the corners and it has been confirmed that the first real-world photographs from Apple iPhone 8 have been leaked out. These leaked photos were gained by the technology blog BGR. The leaked photos are the photos of iPhone molds only which has been efficiently edited that exactly looks like the dummy model.

The source has also mentioned that these upcoming iPhone designs have been confirmed through these images but we can’t say it a complete truth until Apple announce it themselves. T

he weird part of the leaked photos is that the leaked designs show the absence of physical home button that makes the whole design really absurd. The source BGR has also mentioned that maybe these designs shown in the photos are a part of schematics leaked from the factory area so maybe it is not the final product design.

Everyone knows that after the launching of iPhone 8 in the last quarter of 2017, there will be a massive increment in the sales, profit making and in queues of buyers. It has been regarded as one of the biggest and impressive iPhone since its release.

Now, we will discuss some of the major designing aspects of iPhone. In the leaked photos, all of the marking and ports are not present; the fingerprint scanner is not available too. So, one can’t predict easily that what would be the exact position of the key features.

Similarly, there are numerous rumors regarding the authentication system of the iPhone set as well like some people have claimed that it would have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner embedded under the glass screen. But some people claim that it will be having a face or an iris scanner instead of it.

The BGR blog has also claimed this iPhone features a 2.5D glass panel on the back and front of the phone with a slight curve on the edge to make a sleek look. The designing of the iPhone has been done in an industrial way all surrounded with a metal border. It has a polished look with a frame of fine stainless steel which is again having a boundary of 2.5D glass.

So, overall the look of iPhone8 is sleek and smooth which remains in the hand uninterrupted and seamless. Similarly, iPhone 8 is believed to be the first smartphone of Apple that would have an OLED Panel. LCD is now an old generation thing and it’s a wise decision to move towards the OLED technology. OLED is so advanced that the panel produced its own light source while LCD displays used the backlights for illuminating their pixels. That is the reason color and contrast is much better on the OLED panels.

So, for judging and comparing all of these amazing features one has to wait until September and it is expected that the iPhone8 would be launched alongside with the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus having some of the minor upgrades in the month of September 2017.

It has also been said that Apple would soon be using the anodized aluminum in its designing so that they can easily shift towards the wireless charging abilities. Similarly, people would also be experiencing the 3D sensing facial recognition functionality in their awesome iPhone with a dual-front facing camera with an enhanced waterproof capability and a good sound speaker.


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