iPhone 7s plus or iPhone 8?

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iPhone 7s plus is expected to be release in September with the addition of new features and upgrades, slightly unique from its predecessor phone iPhone 7s. For speculators, nerves are running high whether to grab the iPhone 7s plus or just wait for new iPhone 8.

So the question is which is the better buy iPhone 8 or iPhone 7s Plus? First, have a look at what new specification and features would be available in iPhone 7s plus.

Expectations are definitely high as iPhone seldom disappoints its users who with an addiction for innovations are looking for some cracking and crunchy features in every release.

So, the first news is that there aren’t any changes in the size and design of the phone. Apple hasn’t brought any changes in the design of its sets since the introduction of iPhone 5. So it means iPhone 7s Plus would be expected to have a 5.5inch edge to edge HD screen display, with a metal back finish, a bezel front with a home button at the bottom.

Since Apple already introduced the Dual-camera feature in its iPhone 7, so we can expect Apple to carry this legacy in its iPhone 7s plus release continuing with the same optical image stabilization standards.

Also with the same design, shape and external appearance, the battery size may not differ from the previous i.e. we can expect the battery in iPhone 7s Plus to be of size 2900 mAh.

Where technology geeks are already waiting for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. With the same battery, external appearance and camera specifications just like of its predecessor set, what discerning advantage the release of iPhone 7s Plus would have to offer.

The answer might lie in the inclusion of a newer version of iOS 11 in all the sets of iPhone 7s plus. Yes, it is speculated that Apple is now introducing and upgrading its operating software to be 11. Which means Apple is expected to be using a powerful chipset A11 rather than A10 which is previously being used in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7s Plus.

Also, its worth to mention that, with the introduction of the new powerful chipset in iPhone 7S plus we could expect even faster-processing speed, thus lifting the battery performance and life up, more than in iPhone 7s plus.

To maintain its tradition of providing the users greatest phone security, Apple has inculcated some advance techniques of unlocking iPhone 7s plus. They would be using iris scanner and facial recognition techniques and why wouldn’t they be using these techniques when the Android giant Samsung is also using introducing these techniques in its latest Samsung Galaxy S8.

In the last when talking about price, available in 32 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB is expected to be costing as much as iPhone 7s Plus.

What really needs to be seen in this release is how the new operating system iOS 11 is different from its previous system of iOS 10 and what hilarious features this time Apple is introducing for its users. The Only thing that can justify the buy of iPhone 7s plus at this moment is the availability of iOS 11 in a lower price compared to iPhone 8 with excellent performance of iOS 11.

We talked much about the iPhone 7s Plus, now it’s time to talk about the much-awaited phone iPhone 8, which is fortunately expected to be released at the time marking iPhone’s 10 years. So much excitement is found among people and expectations are sky- rocketing in anticipation of Apple offering some very jaw-dropping features once again, at the 10th anniversary of iPhone.

So what changes are expected, first of all talking about the name, it is rumored that this time the name would be changed to iPhone X rather than just iPhone 8.


Well, the most glaring change Apple is expected to bring is all- screen bezel-less, no home button front screen, a 5.8-inch edge to edge screen which is slightly wider than iPhone 7s plus screen and here is the first walk away from iPhone 7s Plus. Not just it’s different, this change is a move away from traditional iPhone design. Also, the bezel-less screen would give the users a complete glass front and a large screen.

Instead of regular LCD panel, the Apple is thinking to install AMOLED screens in its iPhone 8 versions. The one major benefit of AMOLED screen over plain LCD panel is that its OLED layer underneath the screen amplifies the pixel making it a highly suitable for watching higher pixels, high definition displays.

According to the analysts, instead of home screen button there would be embedded the Touch ID sensor on the screen, but what needs to be seen is how the front camera would be adjusted in the all- screen front. But also it is to note that a complete glass front would bring more sensitivity in the set and the users must handle with care.

We already can expect A11 chipset with the operating system upgraded to be iOS 11. Now what does the infusion of A11 and iOS 11 actually means?

The very major impact of this fusion is nonetheless the boost in the processing speed, however, this A11 chipset is found to be missing in iPhone 7s plus. The fast processing speed will consume less battery charge and hence, improved performance.

Apart from increased processing speed, it’s also rumored that people can expect the addition of a new application ‘Automator’– which is already an application in MacOS.

The addition of ‘Automator’ in iPhone 8, according to the same rumor means that Home app would be removed instead the ‘Automator’ will be relying upon Workflow. The mechanism will work with a deeper integration of OS and iCloud accompanied with advance Siri support. So far this is just a rumor while nothing can be said with certainty at this moment.

Readers this is not enough yet; rather there are loads of features that are left to be talked about. In terms of battery life, we can make huge claims since though Apple would be offering its users two batteries to use. Improved battery life, might remain a question with so much another hack of features and application introduced. Since new features introduced can alternatively consume battery power much than expected.

What’s in the package for the camera and photography enthusiasts? Continuing its traditions to improve camera performance and features with each release, Apple this time is heard bringing a new big new revolution in the area of phone photography.

So what are those features, First of all on the back of the camera you would be able to see a vertical 12-megapixel dual-lens camera? The dual-lens camera is there to give the optical image stabilization already introduced in iPhone 7 series. However, this dual camera with the addition of advanced technology of Augmented reality would help you recognize things from a distance. But till what distance it will work efficiently is still ambiguous. Nevertheless, don’t you think this is something very captivating.

But people shouldn’t expect a change in the front camera specification and its safe to keep expectation with the 7-megapixel front camera. Since selfie photos are very important these days the least we could expect is the improvement in the pixels of the camera.

Apple is also planning to bring in reality the idea of wireless charging. This means that the device can be charged up to 15ft with no contact required between the device and the power source. The ideas though sound amazing and there seems to be an apparent benefit of giving you ease to use your phone easily at some distance while it’s in a charge mode. The true application of this feature can only be reviewed once after the practical demonstration. Before that, the idea is just a concept in the air.

Also, the pretty much-predicted assumption behind the replacement of metal body with Aluminum and glass body is to save the transmitting energy of the battery, so apparently this could give support to its users

Here comes the real talk the price. So what price could be expected for the new iPhone 8? It wouldn’t be less expensive, and with the rumors of Apple replacing the LCD panels with OLED panels, which is indeed a high-cost technology, the consumers may expect the transferring of this cost in terms of high price.

So the estimated price would be no less than $800 initially. However, the prices may vary in terms of 64 GB and 256 GB model.Prices are just a speculation at this stage since Apple has not ye defined as to what models will be available at what price. So we can wish the readers and users Happy Waiting!


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