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iPhone 12 will have ‘groundbreaking’ Magnetic Wireless Charging Rings

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In an unexpected but enticing potential leak, the iPhone 12 may be slated for a wireless magnetic charging ring. The latest “leak” is making it seem more and more likely that the upcoming Apple Flagship will include this. Recent images from Chinese based hardware manufacturers show proof in molds and casts of the back panel. The ring indicates the possibility of a magnetic positioning circle that is built right into the chassis.

This ring would, in theory, work by providing a force to guide the iPhone 12 for wireless charging. A common complaint against conventional wireless charging methods (besides the slowness) is the tendency for the phone to break contact.

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An accidental motion, a loose connection, and the phone slips off from the charging zone. With this new ring of magnets, it is hoped that it would be able to keep the device firmly secured on the correct area for ideal charging contact. The phone would remain secured and would easily charge up.

Image: Everything Apple Pro

Wireless charging is quickly becoming the industry standard

The concept of magnetic positioning charging isn’t new, even to Apple. The Apple iPad Pro was famous for its magnetic clipping, to attach to peripherals. The Apple Watch uses a magnetic fastening lock to wirelessly charge on the dock too. Other brands have dabbled in the concept as well but keeping a magnetic ring inside the chassis is virtually unheard of.

The ring itself encircles the charging coil such that the two would work in tandem. Recent pictures show the new designs for the camera setup on the board, and the standard fare. However, the recent leaks are trending high as expectations from this year’s iPhone 12 reveal soar.

Apple may be releasing a 1st party wireless charger soon

What’s more interesting is the current situation Apple is in. For months, the company had been developing the AirPower accessory. This would have utilized multiple charging coils at once across several devices. Then in 2019, it was forced to cancel what would’ve been Apple’s only first-party wireless charging tool for the sake of quality assurance.

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Since then, the dedicated magnet ring has been making rounds all over Weibo (China’s alternative to Twitter). Users are excited to see this welcome addition to the Apple hardware, and some are certain a new first-party wireless charger is coming. The latter seems more likely than ever as the void left after the cancellation of the AirPower has yet to be filled.

It does seem odd that such a highly anticipated feature would still go unconfirmed as of yet. However, as EverythingApplePro on Twitter reports, Apple may yet make a sudden announcement and take wireless charging to a new level.

There is also much speculation about how the magnet positioning ring would factor into the weight, charging speed, and balance of the device. This is because of the trend of bulking up recent iPhones for the sake of screen size.

Regardless of the actual authenticity of the mold, Apple fans worldwide are excited. While in recent iterations the iPhone brand has not changed drastically, features like this ring are sure to attract countless more.

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