iPhone 12 will be the most radical lineup from Apple since the iPhone 6 – Report

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Apple is soon going to announce its next flagship lineup of phones. Users are looking for significant changes this time. iOS 14 brought some promising new features. Also, now that we’ve seen what Samsung can accomplish with their new phones.

We can safely assume what Apple is up to. Over the past few years, Apple has had fairly predictable market strategies and device models. It looks like that’s about to change as we head towards another big event. According to some analysts, the iPhone 12 launch is going to be as big as that of the iPhone 6, six years ago.

Most of the tech analysts are calling this event an important milestone in the future growth and success of Apple. Daniel Ives lead analyst at Wedbush said that Apples is going to push four models out this year. This time out of the 950 million apple users worldwide, about 350 million will be upgrading their phones.

Apple anticipated this supercycle, an opportunity that comes once in a decade for big tech companies, and therefore came forward with several value propositions. Apple is going to target a relatively broader customer base than usual, and they have several regions in mind to launch their products in.

iPhone 12
Image: Tom’s Guide

We are expecting a spike in demand for new iPhones, even in regions like Asia. This validates the argument of a defining chapter for Apple as well as the significant upgrade prediction. With an increased hype, Apple will surely make a fortune from its October launch.

In addition, if we keep Apple’s past behavior in mind then, a few days after the launch, they will make some significant changes to the old models as well. This might decrease the production of some models or discontinue the outdated ones.

After the big boy’s launch, we can expect iPhone SE to retail somewhere around 349 dollars. Meanwhile, as since there is another new midrange device planed, the iPhone XR will most likely get discontinued. Lastly, the iPhone 11 is rumored to start from $549.

iPhone 12 Models:

Apple has cleverly placed the base model iPhone 12 at 699$ with the lowest storage. Even if this price is overwhelming for you, you can still gain from this launch. As we said earlier, the launch will indirectly make prices for other models a bit lower.

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Even if they are from last year, these are still very capable and premium devices. On the other side, 5G deployment is now moving faster than ever. Convenient for Apple, there is an increased demand for 5G ready phones in the market. Hence we can say that Apple will also make high sales of the latest iPhone 12 family with its competitive pricing.

iPhone 12
Image: Tom’s Guide

For Apple, the high price of 699$ is competitive because even at that price, their battle is not with higher mid-range android devices. The iPhones compare directly to flagships like the Galaxy S20 from Samsung, which currently starts at around 999$. For people in love with the android system, this amount of price difference and increased features is more than enough to make a jump to team Macintosh.

According to Daniel Ives, the fall launch of Apple will only cover the main 5G iPhone 12 models in their arsenal. The previously mentioned four models will be a 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch “iPhone 12” and then a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch “iPhone 12 Pro”. For the next year, however, in addition to the 4G iPhone 12 models, Apple also plans to launch a 4G only device along the lines of an iPhone SE.

Let us know in the comments which one of the four models you think is the best value and want to buy.

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