IOS to Get Google Assistant

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According to some reliable sources, Google is working on a plan to launch a standalone application for IOS which would be functioning as a full fledge Google Assistant. A while ago, Google had shown the intent to introduce Google Assistant on all the devices powered by Android.

According to the company officials, this proposal is still a work in progress and would be a reality soon. But the willingness to introduce one of their emerging products with huge potential for success to an entirely new playground as far as Google as a brand is concerned is looking like more of a strategic move.

Although it can just be a rumor, yet this move, if proves successful, can potentially turn the tables in favor of Google. The timing of the release of this game changer is also fascinating. The sources also say that Google is going to launch this feature in the upcoming Google I/O 2017. This proves to be an exciting continuation of Google’s aggressive policy with the Assistant tool to give a really tough time to its competitors, as the Google Assistant SDK in the form of Developers Preview has just got released last month.


At this point, some may argue that Google has already launched the functionality of Google Assistant into iOS through the app named Google Allo. You can have the features of Google Assistant at your disposal through this app as you can look for a place or browse the information you want while chatting with your friends.

But not much iOS users got in love with this introduction as compared to the popularity of the Google Assistant working on the Android platform. The main reason for this lackluster performance of Google Allo on iOS is the tough competition from Apple Siri. The Siri app has the advantage to work on its tailor made iOS platform. So it delivers much better than Allo on iOS.

Another reason might be that the experience offered by Google Allo on iOS is far inferior to the fully matured Google Assistant being executed on a latest Android version like Marshmallow or Nougat. So this potential launch from the California-based organization can be a huge leap in terms of future prospects of all these AI based assisting applications.

The market of AI based features in no longer constrained with the type or brand of device. You might remember the Android lock screen feature was a major breakthrough of its time and helped much in gaining popularity of Android-based phones. But the introduction of Cortana from Microsoft for its Windows phones has proven better leaps and bounds.

To counter that exuberant approach from Windows owners, Google integrated Amazon Alexa into its shopping app. On the contrary, these software development giants are no longer considering boundaries of hardware platforms to get their features recognized and make them an instant hit.

If you analyze and compare both Siri and Assistant independently, working on their favored platforms, you must find many features owned by Assistant missing from Siri. Also, Google Assistant is essentially backed up by years of open source application development legacy, which cannot be countered just though a deep rooted Siri into iOS. So it is quite evident that Google Assistant can give a genuine fight to Siri and has the potential to throw it out of the ring in the all-important AI bout.

So just wait and see if this story transits into a reality as all eyes would be on Google I/O. With an illustrious release of chatbot at the last years I/O, this would definitely be a much more impactful launch.

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