iOS 12 – What’s New and when will it be out

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Apple releases a new version of iOS every year to encourage people to update their devices to the latest software and reap the benefits that follow. This year Apple plans on releasing iOS 12 – the successor to iOS 11 which had its own issues. The new iOS was showcased at the WWDC which took place during early June, and it seems that it is going to attract most iPhone users for its smoothness and security

As of now, the iOS 12 is in testing stage available for developers who are doing all sorts of bug testing on the software. The public beta is expected to follow anytime soon.


iOS 12 Release Date

The final polished version of iOS is typically available every year in September. If you cannot wait that long, then you need to sign up for the Apple beta program. Even then you will have to wait a week for Apple to release the first iOS 12 public beta. In case you already have an iOS 12 developer account, you can easily download the Developer Beta right now.

Bear in mind that the beta versions are prone to bugs and have its own sets of issues. Don’t let your enthusiasm ruin your iPhone experience, without a valid reason.

Which devices will it be compatible with

iPhone 5s users would have expected Apple to drop support, but luckily, Apple is kind, and even the 2013’s 5s supports iOS 12. A short answer would be that if your device currently supports or runs iOS 11, then it will continue to support iOS 12. Here is the full list of supported models:


iPhone X
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone 8
iPhone 7 Plus
iPhone 7
iPhone 6S
iPhone 6S Plus
iPhone 6
iPhone 6 Plus
iPhone SE
iPhone 5S


12.9-inch iPad Pro
10.5-inch iPad Pro
9.7-inch iPad Pro
iPad (fifth-gen)
iPad Air 2
iPad Air
iPad Mini 4
iPad Mini 3
iPad Mini 2

Most important reason to update

Perhaps the major reason why you would want to update it that iOS 12 is smoother and faster. iOS 11 was infamous for its low battery life, and its bugs. iOS 12 wants to eradicate that by offering lag-free iOS experience. Instead of a plethora of new features, Apple has directed its efforts towards streamlining the iOS so that people who are reluctant because of old phones slowing down on new software, would actually want to update.

What’s New Essentially

Creating your own Animoji: 

With ios 12 it gets easier to create your own Animoji. Certainly, Memoji is the word around the block and we all expect to hear more about it. Though it would only be available on the iPhone X and the new iPhone X upgrade Apple introduces in September.

Siri is smart now:

Apple’s Siri has always been in competition between the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa, and it still isn’t smart like either of them. Though, with iOS 12 things are going to change with Siri becoming smarter. You would be able to create Siri shortcuts to your own liking. Through this, you can create custom commands which Siri shall do including sending a text, playing a podcast, or getting directions to someplace.

Apple finally caved into user’s notification woes

To be honest, Apple’s notification system is a mess and rightly needs to be revamped. With iOS 12 you can easily reduce unnecessary alerts, and we are hoping that Apple would finally introduce a “Group by Application” feature for notifications, which is currently a part of its developer beta. In this way, you would get to see what you want to see.

Screen time would be managed better

iPhone is literally becoming your mom – for your benefit. You will be told the number of times you have picked up your phone, along with the number of notifications received. On top of this, you would also be relayed the time you have spent on each app. There are some hard truths that we need to accept – All this screen time puts a strain on our eyes and on our brains as well.

Facetime finally received group video and audio calls

Previously you could only facetime with a single person. Now with iOS 12, Apple has become generous as now it allows you to facetime with up to 32 people at the same time! No more HouseParty.

Messages getting an all-new Camera tool

Perhaps it was time that messages got its camera tool, and with iOS 12, there is a new Camera tool in the messages app.

Critical Alerts

This wasn’t revealed during the WWDC but this is an essential feature which shall notify you about important information such as your doctor’s report, even if your phone is set to Do Not Disturb. This is an opt-in feature though.

Raw Photo Import

You can now import RAW photos from your computer and camera with iOS 12.

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