iOS 12 Hidden Features you won’t want to miss out

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iOS 12 is currently under its beta stage and the finalized version isn’t expected any time before September. We got our hands on the developer beta, and have found some hidden features which Apple couldn’t make it into its Worldwide Developers Conference.

One thing which should be noted is that any of these features might not make it into the final version. Some features might get added and some might get shelved completely. Nevertheless, here are some things you might want to know.

Battery Info

We all want to know which app is draining our precious battery time, and why. To answer this very query, you would now see more info under the battery section. Under the new section which can be accessed by going to settings and selecting Battery, there are new charts, breakdowns, and graph which will give you detailed stats of your battery usage.

Custom Do Not Disturb

Now you have the option to customize the familiar Do Not Disturb setting. Before iOS 12, you had to manually turn off the Do Not Disturb mode from the control center. Now you can change the settings in such a way that it will disable itself after an hour or when you switch locations.

Close App Gesture

On the iPhone X, now you can force close an app by just a simple swipe up.

Automatic iOS Updates

This feature has its own pros and cons. If this feature is turned on, then the latest iOS updates would be installed automatically on your iPhone without requiring your approval.

To disable this feature, head over to Settings, General, Software Updates and then toggle Automatic updates.

Control Center has its own QR Code Scanner now

At first, you had to open the iPhone camera and focus on the QR code, which couldn’t work sometime. Now, there is a specialized QR code scanner in iPhone which like the screen recorder can only be accessed through the Control Center. To include this in Control Center, head over to Settings, Control Center, and then select Customize Controls. Just tap the green button next to Scan QR Code.

iPhone X Gesture on iPad

On the iPad using iOS 12, you can simply access the control center by just a swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen – similar to that on the iPhone X. This means control center cannot be accessed through the multitasking interface.

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