iOS 11.1 keyboard glitch prevents certain users from typing ‘I’

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Having Keyboard issues after downloading iOS 11.1? Well, you are not alone in the boat.

A peculiar glitch in the updated keyboard settings on iOS 11.1 prevents some users from typing the letter “I.” Typing the letter “I” autocorrects to an “A” with a unicode [?] symbol instead. The problem was highlighted by a Reddit user TheCravin , over the weekend. While documenting the bug, TheCravin said that Apple’s predictive keyboard feature suggests a random character like “A,” “#,” or “!” followed by the unicode symbol, and then automatically replaces the “I” unless the user takes corrective action.

“I thought that was weird, but then I saw a tweet where someone clearly tried to type ‘I,’ and it instead showed the ‘A’ operator and then the question mark character,” TheCravin wrote. “When I tried to copy and paste the content of the tweet, my paste fixed it and just showed the letter ‘I.'”

The bug seems to affect iMessage and other apps including Twitter and Instagram as well. The bug exists in the updated versions of iOS 11.1, though not all the users are facing the problem, its only limited to some. The bug is there on iPhone, iPad or iTouch which have updated to iOS 11.1.

It is not yet clear what is causing the bug and not everyone is affected. According to, turning off predictive text is a way to put an end to the issue, as well as using a third-party keyboard.

While this goes on and Apple reportedly seems to be busy in finding a solution, for the time being, a solution is given by the company for those facing the glitch; a workaround through this text replacement feature. So what one has to do is to go to the Settings menu. Then click on Keyboard option, and finally tap Text Replacement. Touch the “+” symbol and then in the Phrase option type “I” and in Shortcut, type a lowercase “i.” It’s a nit-picky “fix” but nevertheless tends to solve the issue at hand for the time being.

At the same time the users are quite unsatisfied to put it lightly, and show their resentment on twitter via various resentful tweets.

However, a solution is soon hoped to be released by Apple, whether it would be in the form of a new update or some feature, time would tell!

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