iOS 11.1 keyboard glitch prevents certain users from typing ‘I’

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Having Keyboard issues subsequent to downloading iOS 11.1? All things considered, you are not the only one in the boat.

A curious glitch in the refreshed console settings on iOS 11.1 keeps a few clients from composing the letter “I.” Typing the letter “I” autocorrects to an “A” with a unicode [?] image. The issue was featured by a Reddit user TheCravin , throughout the end of the week. While reporting the bug, TheCravin said that Apple’s prescient console include proposes an irregular character like “A,” “#,” or “!” took after by the unicode image, and afterward consequently replaces the “I” unless the client makes restorative move.

“I felt that was strange, yet then I saw a tweet where somebody obviously endeavored to type ‘I,’ and it rather demonstrated the ‘An’ administrator and afterward the question mark character,” TheCravin composed. “When I endeavored to reorder the substance of the tweet, my glue settled it and just demonstrated the letter ‘I.'”

The bug appears to influence iMessage and different applications including Twitter and Instagram also. The bug exists in the refreshed forms of iOS 11.1, however not every one of the clients are confronting the issue, its exclusive constrained to a few. The bug is there on iPhone, iPad or iTouch which have refreshed to iOS 11.1.


It is not yet clear what is causing the bug and not everyone is affected. According to, turning off predictive text is a way to put an end to the issue, as well as using a third-party keyboard.

While this goes on and Apple purportedly is by all accounts occupied in finding an answer, for now, an answer is given by the organization for those confronting the glitch; a workaround through this content substitution highlight. So what one needs to do is to go to the Settings menu. At that point tap on Keyboard choice, lastly tap Text Replacement. Touch the “+” image and after that in the Phrase choice compose “I” and in Shortcut, type a lowercase “I.” It’s a nit-demanding “fix” yet by the by has a tendency to comprehend the current issue for now.

In the meantime the clients are very unsatisfied to put it delicately, and demonstrate their hatred on twitter by means of different angry tweets.

Be that as it may, an answer is soon wanted to be discharged by Apple, regardless of whether it would be as another refresh or some element, time would tell!

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