The “invite only” strategy fails – Epic’s Battle Royale Fortnight’s servers bogged down

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Fortnite, as we all know, has once again been the headline of every tech and gaming site. The high response the game received when it’s iOS version rolled out was unmatched. Even with Epic, the company behind Fortnite trying to control server usage by using “invite” only link, the game’s servers have bogged down, due to a high volume of traffic.

Without a doubt, if there is hype about any game right now all across the globe, it would be Fortnite. Since with immense load on servers due to a majority of existing and new players turning to the mobile platform, the game is facing issues. The main issue is that it is taking longer than usual to sign in. So long, that it can be even 20 minutes, yet the server still throws the error that it is “busy” at the moment. As a remedy to this, Epic is trying alternative measures and did disable matchmaking for some users as an attempt to reduce the server load.

According to Epic, which wrote in a tweet, “The love is strong! Due to an influx of new players, we’re experiencing degradation with our matchmaking. We’re disabling matchmaking and scaling up to account for this.”

Even the Twitter account operated by the Fortnite team itself acknowledges the fact that the user experience right now is pretty curtailed, due to some backend problems. This has been a cause of hassle to not only mobile users but also the console ones since the console users also rely on servers, which got congested recently. The cause of all this is without any doubt the launch of the iOS version of the mobile game, which has gathered a number of people from all over, in just more than a day.

It should be mentioned that even though Epic did try their best to prevent anything like this from happening through giving access to the game through an invite-only system, but it looks like the response was even more than what they expected. According to Forbes, “It’s also possible that between Ninja and Drake’s Livestream and a continuously escalating avalanche of buzz there has just been a ton of new players in the game regardless of platform.”

It isn’t the only time when Fortnite had to face server issues. There have been instances before too, with the most notable one apart from this, when it relayed to the public their technicalities and all. The public came to know that there were more than 3.4 million concurrent people who played the game, and since then it is obvious enough with the game’s popularity right now, that this number is too low. Again, with Epic implementing “Cross-Play” in Fortnite, it might have affected the server speed too, since the gameplay would have to be handled on different consoles.

What we can all do this, just wait and hope that their servers get back to normal, so that we may finally get to play the game. Also, if you haven’t signed up for the invite link yet, it would be better for you to do so now, rather than later, since the number of people signing up, is growing exponentially.

UPDATE: It has been revealed that the issues have now been resolved and the game is up and running once again.

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