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Internet Balloons: Alphabet Reshaping Communication

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Project Loon by Alphabet Company is yet another milestone, somehow brought into reality at Peru by the Giant innovators, Google. The plan has far more innovative connection system, imagined in the wildest dreams.

The Rails at the fringes of Google’s Silicone valley introduced the internet balloons which merely looked like garbage bags to the reporters invited without any permission for coverage. The staff was seen wearing shark like slippers and was reviewing their new innovative way to connect the remote areas through communication.

These clear garbage shaped bags are designed with the airborne technology to float in the stratosphere and give the coverage from above 12 miles. The parent company of Google, Alphabet has been smart enough to launch its realistic plans after a research into practical implementation.

Mountains covered with Alphabet Internet Balloons

The Alphabet Company has revolutionized the world further with its launch of internet balloons and internet access up in the sky! Technology is at its best! The usage of high altitude solar powered balloons has provided coverage of wireless network up in the sky.

Hats off the real efforts lied in the strange experiments by the company’s X “moonshot” group, but Google gave it the final touch of reality after a testing of it done in Peru.

Loon chief Alastair Westgarth in an interview with Mobile World Live said,” We believe in the next couple years we will be flying in the commercial context.” He further added,” “We intend for it to be a profitable business and a large business.”

His comments clearly indicated the expectations of the project to be quite fruitful and profitable for the company besides all other projects until now. As well, it will not need any assistance of funds by Google, provided through online advertisements.

Telefonica, carrier became the joint ally of Loom team to provide net accessibility in the Peru test which was done this year. The Loon Balloons which itself is exactly the size of the tennis court will give a coverage of an area of the same size of Switzerland if around 20-30 are provided at a time. The Internet balloons in the sky will aid in the betterment of net access during the Peru flooding, all suggested by Westgarth.

Loon has come forward to provide communication to the remote areas left untouched yet in this era. These areas are also out of reach of the carrier companies. But in 2019, a change is expected to occur and serve the unexplored lands across the globe.

These efforts of Loon are definitely with the collaboration with carriers which is solely dependent on their decisions and services. However, Westgarth informed that Google has already contacted numerous network operators for coverage but obviously not at the cost of their businesses.

Tech savvy giants have started reshaping the communications to next levels, as the steps to communications is not confined to the Loon Balloons success only. No doubt, these Loon Balloons will remain almost in the same places by just altering its altitudes, benefitting from the various directions of wind to navigate.

Facebook has also followed the trend and landed with the idea of air planes to provide data. The project is popularly known as Aquila with the Boeing 737 wings as drones.

however ,The Loon Balloons are distinctive in its own kind . The Loon ballons are expected to serve the 4 billion people, as per the statistics of United Nations still deprived of internet facilities which may be beneficial to eradicate poverty in their regions and initiate some productive projects for the development of regions.

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