Interesting PS5 Giveaway on Twitter sparks Funny Reactions

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Update (September 19, 2020):

Antz has picked out a winner today. However, if you are sad about not winning a free PS5 then don’t worry. Antz has hinted that there might be another PS5 giveaway soon.

Original Story:

A twitter user posted a very interesting giveaway challenge yesterday. The challenge includes retweeting his tweet and the person who got 0 likes and retweets will be the proud winner of a PS5. Following this tweet, Twitter blew up with people retweeting it with funny captions to keep people away from liking their posts.

Sony revealed PlayStation 5 prices on 16th September, along with it they also launched the pre-orders for it as well. Stores around the world quickly sold out and only a few are left in stock. Many users and businesses came out with promotional offers with winners getting a free PS5. As this is a hot topic these days, these promotional offers can be very beneficial as they can be a great form of advertisement.

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Yesterday, a twitter user Antz, tweeted a challenge. The challenge was to retweet his original tweet and gain no likes on it. Furthermore, the winner will get a free pre-order of PS5 from him.

The tweet completely blew up and became a meme challenge of sorts. Following this, people started retweeting it memes and hilarious captions in hopes of becoming the winner. The tweet currently stands at 4300 likes and 27.6 retweets. Next up are some of the funniest retweets we gathered for you to get a general idea.

If I don’t get it, you won’t either

The challenge quickly became a competition where people started to sabotage other tweets. All they had to do was press a button and the other person is out of the competition. This might be the only time users will get furious over gaining likes. A twitter user posted a video of him going through his feed and liking everyone else’s video. This simple act seems funny yet evil.

Time to go Big brain

With every challenge, come people who get into technicalities to find an easy win. These are always interesting to watch and goes to show the lengths people are willing to go just to win an online challenge. For instance, a user came up with an idea of making a new account with no followers. From the new account, you can retweet the original one and set your tweet to private. This way no one will be able to see the tweet resulting in no likes. Moreover, you can set it to public just before the timer runs out and claim your reward as the winner.

Probably the only time you wouldn’t want any likes

Following the tweets, users are quick to give it like just to eliminate the competition. This is making people furious and has become a great meme content. A user posted a short clip as a meme asking people to take back their likes and retweets.

That’s one way of scaring away the people

Something else we have seen in this trend is people imposing conditions. For example, if you like this tweet, you will fail your exams. Although this comes off as harsh and rude, it mostly attracts more attention forcing people to like the tweet as a meme. Next up is an example of such tweets.

Who is the winner?

Antz said that the competitions end at 6 pm London time. As of now, it has been over 11 hours and yet he has not picked a winner. Maybe he didn’t think this would actually blow up and now he is in hiding. Or he might just be away from his phone. For now, it’s a mystery.

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Another question that is raised is the integrity of this challenge. For all we know, this could have been a scam or a harmless prank. After all his username does say “imjustbait’. We will have to wait and see how the story unfolds. Hopefully, someone will be announced as a winner because if not, Antz is up for some serious backlash.

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