Intel’s 28 Core CPU turns out to be a stint

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When it comes to computer processors, Intel and AMD are always trying to beat each other, and thus may do so in an over manner- By tricking people into believing, one of them is better than the other. The same happened at this year’s Computex, where Intel revealed a 28 core CPU, which shook everyone.

The 28 Core CPU would surely catch the breath of many, but it turns out that the chip’s performance has a dirty little secret behind it. Yes, it is true that the Chip runs at a whopping 5 GHz and has a performance which leaves Intel’s very own Core i9 far behind but there is more to it. The processor is only able to do so because it was based on server hardware. On top of that, it was overclocked to such a large extent, so that it actually achieves 5 GHz which trust us, is a lot of processing power.

Intel's CEO
Intel’s CEO

Furthermore, why it doesn’t really count is because the processor requires a phase change cooler. Through this, the temperature of the chips is constantly monitored and managed accordingly. Therefore, it isn’t really a big deal. What makes the matter a big deal is that according to Tom’s Hardware’s report, Intel didn’t reveal to the public, that this demo was bogus, and couldn’t really be achieved by any ordinary cooling methods.

The cooling system and the CPU itself requires at least 2,300 Watts of power to turn on. This is clearly not feasible for ordinary users. It is suspected that this Intel’s stint could be partly due to the AMD’s Threadripper 2 unveil.

This didn’t work for Intel the way they would have wanted since it is apparent that AMD’s Threadripper with up to 32 cores sounds more promising. Yes, the clock speeds surely cannot be 5 GHz without such specialized cooling systems, but what we are looking at is a 4.5 GHz processor, which is as of now, feasible. Furthermore, unlike Intel’s prototype kind of thing, these AMD’s chips are surely going to see the light, as Dell plans to make these chips a part of their Alienware lineup.

It is interesting that how will AMD respond to this, and shall surely lead to cat and mouse game on its own.

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