Intel and AMD’s Cat and Mouse Game Continues – Intel to release latest processor

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All of us know about Intel, but not everyone knows about AMD. Intel is without a doubt the major supplier of chipboards. Their processors are adjudged better than AMD’s, though the gap is now closing. To make sure that Intel remains ahead in this cat and mouse game, Intel is going to release a new processor that will completely annihilate AMD.

The Intel Corporation plans to bring out the processor latest by the end of this year i.e. 2018. The processor is supposed to be a multi-core one and is going to have 8 cores. That would mean a lot of processing power for a desktop computer. Intel is known to beat AMD in this manner before too by increasing the number of cores in their processors. Just the previous year, they had added two cores which increased the total cores from four to six. Now, they have added two more cores, increasing the core count from six to eight.

This implies that the CPU, whose name isn’t known yet would comprise of 16 multi-threads as well. The information is based on a rumour from Videocardz. Though the specifications might not be exactly the same as that in the benchmarks, since there can changes meanwhile production, but the 8 core thing is for sure. It had been speculated before as well that Intel would take the initiative of increasing the core count.

It isn’t surprising though since it is true that Intel would do anything to stay ahead of AMD like it has always been. Even though the AMD’s Ryzen 7 1800X, has eight cores, it was still no match for the Intel’s six-core Core i7-8700K. This means that it isn’t just the cores which increases performance.

This was possible because even with two cores less, Intel managed better than AMD since their clock speed was high. Of course, that meant a higher price tag as well, but then that is totally justifiable. Though, of course, Intel had to something about the 8 core thing since, without Intel-optimised benchmarks, AMD was just an edge ahead. This would have meant that people who wanted the best performance processor out there would have gone for AMD and Intel might have had lost a bit of customer base too.

After Intel releases the new 8 core processor, AMD would have no match against them, even with their boosting algorithms getting better. Therefore, the AMD Ryzen’s second generation which is expected next month, wouldn’t worry Intel much either.

Though all this performance leap would mean a significant price hike since AMD’s 12-core Threadripper 1920X is available now on the shelves for $670.  So if Intel releases a new 8 core processor that would certainly cost a lot. Even with the current Intel flagship, i.e. Core-i7-8700K, available for $350, the new price would be adjusted to meet the cost of an 8 core CPU.

Therefore, even if Intel just raises the 8 core CPU’s price tag to $500, people could be interested in buying the AMD’s 12 core CPU, although a higher number of cores don’t necessarily mean better performance.

Implying further, AMD is facing tough competition, since if their new generation CPU isn’t significantly better than Intel’s, people are obviously going to go for Intel. Therefore, Intel’s reign over the processor industry would continue to be there until AMD brings out their AMD’s Zen 2 7nm CPUs by next year. But then Intel would have thought of something better already.

2 Answers

  1. Anthony Wadie
    March 25, 2018 at 4:41 am

    Definitely Intel Bias!
    AMD has always had the price/preformance ratio!

    Why would they “Obviously” go for Intel?


  2. peter j connell
    March 25, 2018 at 2:49 pm

    You dont know intel is unthreatened. AMD are revealing the 2700 6 core in a week, then we shall see relative performance, and lets not forget, perf/$.

    the 8700k is a stand out seller for now, but its also a brief (2 months of good reported sales) standout also as the ~only big intel desktop seller. Many formerly good intel sellers, have simply become irrelevant. Their product range has been decimated by Zen.

    Correct, cores are not every thing, and correct, threadripper is an option at this pricepoint ($370 for 8700k?)

    for ~$360 you can get an 1900 8 core threadripper (TR) & the mobo is probably similar cost to intel.

    The difference is a tool vs a toy in ~every metric except latency – vitally double memory bandwidth & 32 free pcie3 lanes for expansion vs a dangerously restrictive 4-8 lanes on the alternative intel or am4 ryzen gpu equipped rigs.

    The most significant improvement to PCs over ~recent years has been storage (by far the slowest component in a pc) going from 50MB/s to up to 3000MB/s, and access times off the charts, but each of these drives needs 4 lanes. On TR you can have as many drives as you are accustomed to, the others restrict you to one of these powerful resources.

    Dream on that intel will prevail as it’s destiny. They are under serious threat, and right ccross the board – laptops, especially entry level desktop, desktop, hedt, workstation/scientific, general servers and mega servers.

    any app that combines cpu & gpu processors will prefer amdS unique presence in both industries, for synergy and one stop support.

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