Instant Tethering feature of Google comes to the Chromebooks

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An influential feature is recently revealed by Google called ‘Instant Tethering’ for Google Chromebooks. This feature was earlier launched for its Nexus and Pixels users.

Tethering is essentially a feature that enables your phone to share its internet connection with other devices. This feature can be simply activated between Google tablets and phones. Without even taking out the devices, users can connect the Wi-Fi in their devices in a trouble-free way.

As the tablets of Android are not much trendy in the market, Google becomes conscious of this fact and brings the ‘Instant Tethering’ feature to the Chrome operating system. A flag is housed by the Canary Channel of Chrome operating system which enables the feature of Instant Tethering on the device.

“You can automatically share a mobile data connection between certain Pixel and Nexus devices via Wi-Fi when they’re signed in to the same Google Account. For example, you can automatically connect your tablet to the Internet using your phone’s data connection,” according to the official documentation.

This startling feature was first reported by the Chrome story. This Instant Tethering feature in Chromebooks will facilitates the users in an astounding manner.

Whenever the Wi-Fi connection tightens, Instant Tethering feature will be there to provide the users with the unlimited internet connection. This feature is somewhat comparable to the Apple Instant Hotspot feature which came in the year 2004.

This is quite similar to tethering feature in the tabs as the feature particularly designed to interact with the devices in the close proximity and enables the tethering. The feature can be simply enabled without even having a physical connection with the device.

Getting this miraculous feature brought by Google is quite easy; the user must be using the Canary Channel of Chrome OS. Through Chrome’s flag the Instant Tethering feature can be easily accessed by the user.

By entering the URL (chrome://flags) in the URL bar, the users can get access to this feature, by enabling the ‘enable-tethering’ option the feature will get activated on the device.

The user has to restart the device; once the Instant Tethering feature is enabled it will show in the quick menu which is under the network section. The user can clasp this feature when the user is away from the Wi-Fi to turn it on.

But it’s imperative that for using this incredible feature (Instant Tethering), the user must have a Nexus or Google Pixel/ XL device. Plus the device must be running on the latest Android software (Nougat).

According to the reports, the feature is not booming in the market yet as this can be possible because of the device or maybe the location in which it is being used.

This makes sharing the internet connection without even entering the password. Previously this Instant Tethering feature was for only devices running on Android software but now it will be available in the Chromebooks.

But in future we can expect this implausible Instant Tethering to get refined enough to become a hit in the technology world. Just enable the feature and enjoy Wi-Fi on your devices without even pulling them out.

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