Instagram not showing the all-new “Questions” sticker? Here is a simple fix

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Just this week, Instagram came up with a new feature for its users: The Questions. The feature allows users to put up a new sticker on their stories, which lets their followers ask them questions. The questions though not anonymous to the user itself if answered are anonymous to other followers of the user though.

The feature became an instant hit, as nearly everyone jumped on the bandwagon by putting up a story with the “Questions” sticker, just curious as to what people might ask of them. Then there were some, like Me who couldn’t do so, because the “Questions” sticker simply wasn’t there to select. Many even updated their Instagram app to the latest version, but Alas, to no avail. The sticker just won’t appear under the stickers section.

Instagram Question Sticker

This problem was mainly faced by iOS Instagrammers and wasn’t related to their accounts being old. It is true that any new accounts made after the feature was introduced, had the “Questions” sticker, and this is what leads to a simple fix, courtesy a Reddit user by the name of isabellort, who used the solution earlier to a similar problem when the “polls” sticker won’t show up. Thankfully, the same method works in this case as well. Without further ado, let us share with you a simple solution.

How to get the missing “Questions” sticker on your Insta account

  1. First of all, you need to Create a new Instagram account. Don’t worry you can delete it afterward. You don’t have to add friends or anything just skip everything which can be skipped.
  2. Once you are logged in to the new account, head over to the story section, and post a story with the sticker which is missing from your original account (“Question” in our case).
  3. When the story is posted completely, turn on airplane mode.
  4. Now switch to your original account with the airplane mode still turned on.
  5. Go to the story section and take a photo. This time, under the stickers section head over to the “Recently used” column by swiping to the left. The sticker that you used to post the story on the new account would be there. Using that sticker post the story with the airplane mode still turned on.
  6. Now you can turn on the airplane mode so that the story can get uploaded. From now on, you will always find the sticker under the recently used section.
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