The Incredible FormBox – Manufacture Anything within Seconds!

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The FormBox is a seemingly simple machine, invented and manufactured by a company called Mayku. The company was born in the summers of 2015. Two designers based in London, Benjamin Redford, and Alex Smilansky, came together to make the company. Both these youngsters have been fond of making new and simple stuff using ingenuity of mind. Their main aim was to simplify life by inventing and making simple machines.

Since they loved making new things, they came up with the idea of a vacuum box that could manufacture little things using one of the very basic principles of science i-e, vacuum suction. Hence, the machine called FormBox came into being.

This machine has not only made the complicated manufacturing process easy but has also reduced the time required for manufacturing things by using quick-setting materials. This mini manufacturing machine is super easy to use and anyone can operate it after reading the manuals given on the box cover.

Redford and Smilansky are of the opinion that everyone in the world is creative and has a unique characteristic of thinking and inventing stuff. They designed the FormBox keeping this thought in mind as everyone can use this simple machine according to their own ingenuity of mind and creativity. The best thing about this machine is that its use is not restricted to a professional creator or a beginner rather the flexibility of options is unlimited. The machine is an ideal medium for giving life to your ideas and bringing a form to your thoughts hence called the FormBox.

There are numerous other machines like 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines etcetera but the simplicity which this machine provides is not provided by any of the aforementioned machines. This is the biggest reason why this machine should be preferred over the others. Anyone can operate and handle it without any extensive training. Another edge which it has over others is its user-friendly operation and flexibility of making anything as per your imagination.

Best for Small Businesses

This machine has been used by many start-ups as it requires nothing but the use of a creative mind. It does not require a huge space to set-up or to operate, neither it requires a huge investment to start with as the materials required for manufacturing different objects are quite affordable and readily available in the market. You can now start your own line of products operating from the convenience of your home at your own pace.

Description, Working, and Uses of the FormBox

Multiple objects can be placed on the bed of this machine. But the number of objects to be molded depends upon their sizes and shapes. The bed of the FormBox is about 200mm x 200mm square perforated flat type in which maximum tested sample of the mold is 150mm x 150mm. The plastic material which is used for the molding is suggested to be between 0.1mm to 1mm in thickness as the same has been tested by the company.

You can make decoration items, modify your kid’s toys or produce small collections of terrariums to sell, make useful things for your home or business, or cast molds for almost everything around us.

FormBox FormBox

This smart little machine is simply connected to a normal vacuum cleaner which is easily available in almost every home these days. You will be able to make different molds in seconds with the help of this machine. The machine works faster than a normal 3D printer and is able to create objects and their prototypes in a split second.

To start working on the machine, you simply insert any material of your own choice into the FormBox. Different kinds of materials are available in the market in order to create objects and molds using this machine. Materials like ABS Plastic, Acrylic PMMA, and Polystyrene may be used for forming different objects.

After selecting a material of choice, place your 3D template on the bed of the FormBox. The 3D material can be anything ranging from delicate food items to a non-food item like a toy car. After this, when the machine is switched on, the material which is ultimately going to form the shape is heated up and pushed down from the top of the 3D template in order for it to gain its exterior shape or form. The vacuum from the perforated base sucks the air out and forces the heated flexible material to occupy the form of the 3D template object.


This newly manufactured form can be used as it is as the finished product, or it may be used as a mold to create more things. If it is used as a mold, it can be filled with materials such as concrete, foam, ice, silicone, chocolate, plaster, resin or even Jell-O. It does not matter what ultimately the product is, this machine gives you the opportunity and means to create anything you desire or imagine. 3D printed shapes can also be replicated using this machine to expedite the process.

The uses of this machine are countless. Depending on the creativity of the user, this machine can be used to do wonders. The ease of using this machine and the simplicity of creating almost anything is simply incredible. Just think and imagine anything and create it yourself. The feeling of imagining something and then having it right before your eyes in no time is simply mind-blowing.

Contents of the Box

Since the device is smart and simple, it does not require or occupy a large space for its safe storage as well as safe working and operation. It takes very minimal space on the desk. It is about 458mm wide and 300mm tall. The box has been equipped with everything that is required to start a project. The only additional thing it requires for functioning is a vacuum cleaner. Here is what you will find in the box:

  1. FormBox
  2. 30 sheets of different types of material
  3. Universal vacuum connector
  4. Power cord
  5. Your first making kit
  6. Connector tube
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