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The Incredible Amazon Prime

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Since the age of the internet dawned upon us all, we have seen many phases and shifts in trends, user focus and behavior regarding how we use the internet. Currently, other than social media, more and more people are relying on online shopping for their needs.

Rather than getting up and going all the way to a market, people prefer buying online with a simple click on their computers, laptops or a tap on their phones. Although some may argue that online shopping is not as charming and exciting as physically being in a store and actually being able to see, touch and feel things. But the fact remains, the trend of online shopping is ever growing and more and more people are opting for it.

Quickly catching on to this growing trend, many brands launched their own websites, making their online presence as much a priority as their physical presence. There are many brands now that only function online. And then there are online stores like the brick and mortar super stores and malls that house tons of products on one website.

Popular among such online stores is Amazon which has become a huge and extremely reliable name when it comes to online shopping. Amazon is especially popular in the US and UK, slowly gaining popularity in other parts of the world as well. Amazon has many amazing services. It launched a free shipping service almost a decade ago in the US and the UK called Amazon Prime. Amazon has been constantly adding more features and services under this banner making it irresistibly good.

Amazon Prime membership comes with a price tag of $10.99 per month in the US. In the UK, you have to pay £79 annually. This service includes many perks for its members such as free delivery of goods, free video and music streaming, unlimited cloud storage for your photos and much more. Amazon Prime is totally worth splurging on.

In order to give its customers a taste of this great service, Amazon Prime comes with a month long free trial. Other than its fixed features, Amazon Prime also offers many perks and privileges to its members such as exclusive access to great deals meant only for Prime members and early access to general deals so that members can see them before the rest of the public and much more.

In more detail, Amazon Prime members are provided the following benefits:

Free Shipping

This is perhaps the best thing members can get out of their Amazon Prime membership. We can spend loads of money on our purchased goods but it is always the delivery charges that pinch us hard. Somewhere deep down in our minds, we hate those extra few bucks.

Now imagine buying something online, sometimes just one item, which is costlier as compared to buying it off a shelf because of the added delivery charges. Although we also spend on fuel and spend more time physically visiting a shop, in our subconscious mind we aren’t as hard hit by this expense as by the few extra bucks spent on delivery!

That is why the free shipping feature seems to be the most attractive offer from Amazon Prime.

Free Video Streaming

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime offers free video streaming. Unlike Netflix though, Amazon Prime video streaming costs only a fraction of Netflix’s cost for subscription. This is because Amazon Prime offers a lot more with it and not just video streaming.

With the exception of a desktop computer, videos can be streamed on any smart device such as a smart TV, and an iOS or Android smartphone. On a computer, this service can be accessed through the Amazon website. Videos can be downloaded as well. So if you feel like watching something when you do not have an active internet connection, simply download it beforehand.

Although there is a limit of downloading only 25 items at once, it is only fair. The sound and picture quality is great. There is a huge selection of things to download – shows, movies, and videos although some of these have to be paid for separately. But that is hardly a heartache provided there is so much out there to select from.

Free Music Streaming

As if free video streaming and free shipping wasn’t enough, Amazon Prime members get access to free music streaming too. And with the app, this music can be downloaded as well. Users can also upload and store their favorite songs and playlists on the service.

Free e-Books for Kindle                                                

Amazon Prime truly has something of interest for everyone. If you are not that big a movie buff, not much into music either but an avid reader, Amazon Prime offers free e-books too, but only for Kindle owners.

Members can have free access to one e-book of their choice per month. It includes around 600,000 titles and any one of this huge collection can be accessed on the Kindle, with the restriction of one per month. To see which books are included in this collection, simply search for what you want to read and if the title appears with a Prime logo next to it, you can access it. It is that simple.

You can even access pre-release books. Every month, 6 books are offered in this Amazon Prime Kindle First service. You can choose any one of the 6 to get early access to. This offer is like a cherry on top of an already amazing service.

Free Cloud Storage for Photos

With our cool smartphones and digital cameras, clicking away at great memories is no big deal. But the problem arises when it is time to store these memories safely. Amazon Prime solves that problem too. Unlimited photos can be stored on the cloud storage service that comes along with an Amazon Prime membership. Simply download the app on a smartphone or a computer and store away all your precious memories without fear of ever losing anything.

Not only can we store away our photos without cluttering our smartphones and PC’s, they also stay safe. Amazon Prime cloud storage acts as a back-up to all our precious memories in case we lose a device that had the photos.

Amazon Pantry and Prime Now

These two services are sort of the same thing. They are delivery services for food basically and any other grocery item one might require. They are charged a little extra but are totally worth it. You get whatever food item you want at the comfort of your door step.

In the case of the Amazon Prime Now service, goods including fresh fruit and veggies are delivered at your door step within a couple of hours’ time. It is a truly amazing service for all those less than super organized, busy-bodies out there who try hard at striking a work-life balance.

If one fine evening you walk up to your kitchen door after arriving home from a grueling day at work and suddenly remember there’s no food in the fridge, on top of that you tend to be a believer of fine-eating, worry not. Amazon Prime Now will deliver your choice of fresh fruit, vegetables or any other food item in the best condition within a jiffy. One membership, many benefits.

Amazon Prime Early Access

The Amazon Prime Early Access service is a shopaholic’s dream come true. Members simply get access to great deals 30-minutes before everyone else. These deals have products being sold for a lesser price and are available for a limited time only. Also, the products available are limited in number.

Therefore, members are at an advantage as compared to general shoppers. You can get all the great stuff before anybody else can even see it!

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Amazon Prime is a service with great value for money. You pay so little for so much. As compared to competitors, Amazon Prime is the best deal you can get for this price. Perhaps the best thing is, the deal comes with features you never even asked for or possibly thought about but are highly useful. The appeal of the deal is high because it has something on offer for everyone. It is an all-encompassing service with an equally all-encompassing clientele.

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