IGEL takes its products to the next level by teaming up with AMD

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IGEL is teaming up with AMD to provide high-performance Virtual Desktop technology as the company announced recently that they’ll optimize their IGEL UD3 software-defined thin clients to the second-generation AMD Embedded G-Series system-on-a-chip (SoC), the GX-424.

IGEL is a world leader when it comes to making endpoint management software. Although the company became famous thanks to its enterprise virtual desktop installations (VDI), the company has since become an international juggernaut for endpoint management software. Teaming up with AMD will only help IGEL further as the latter is one of the best when it comes to producing high-performance hardware.

IGEL’s UD3 software-defined thin clients will work similar to the UGEL UD7 i.e. it’ll be capable of high-performance, multi-monitor, end-user computing, two 4K display port connectors at 60Hz alongside expansion capabilities to include one additional 2K DisplayPort connector at 60Hz and Secure Boot validation. The UD3 will have secure access to modern workspaces and is designed keeping the needs of the end-user in mind which would be high-quality video streaming and multi-monitor support.

IGEL is perhaps the only virtual workspace provider that has a proper infrastructure in place which will ensure that your virtual workspace doesn’t feel like one at all. The IGEL UD3 is more than ready for anything you throw at it as it’ll feature up to 4 GB DDR4 RAM and will also offer support for Citrix HDX RealTime Media Engine (RTME) 2.4. The UD3 has already passed all Citrix Ready HDX certification levels so you shouldn’t expect any issues when you use any of those features. The Universal Desktop will also feature Skype for business conferencing purposes, also certified by Citrix.

One of the best parts about IGEL is that all the actual work and computing that’s being done is on IGEL’s end, the users don’t have to be concerned with what goes on in the background as long as things run smoothly for them. Therefore, IGEL can apply updates on their end which would ultimately improve user experience, something reassuring for people who don’t like to frequently upgrade, which is especially true for large enterprises.

In fact, the company stated that IT organizations don’t need to worry about investing in the UD3 because it’ll receive regular updates through the IGEL OS which will boost security, and malware protection. These updates will also serve as a means for hardware acceleration, so overall, the user experience will get better and better without the users having to pay for future upgrades.

IGEL’s alliance with AMD will surely elevate its position further as the market leader while at the same time ensuring users get the top-notch computing experience. The AMD embedded IGEL UD3 is now available and can be purchased through IGEL’s network of platinum and gold-level partners as well as through authorized IGEL Partners (AIPs) and resellers. For more information, click here.

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