Hulu; the video streaming App for Nintendo Switch

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The Nintendo Switch finally has a video streaming App for itself. Hulu announced on Thursday that its streaming-video service is now available to Nintendo Switch owners. Hulu subscribers who want to watch the service’s programming can download Hulu from the Switch’s built-in eShop.

The Nintendo Switch previously known only for gaming will now be able to stream videos as well. This makes it outstand in the market of consoles, among X-Box and Sony PS4. The latter already accompanying the features of gaming music and video streaming therefore had prominent holding in the market. But now that the switch has it too, it makes it even more likeable for the current users.

According to Hulu, both live TV and on-demand programming is available in its Switch app. However, they’re available in different packages. Hulu’s on-demand content is available for $8 per month. To add live-streaming programming to the subscription, users pay $40 per month for all Hulu content.

The Hulu app for the Nintendo Switch, however, does not support touchscreen controls. This is despite the fact that the Nintendo Switch is a touchscreen device, and Hulu has used a touchscreen interface before. Instead, users will need to navigate the app using the Joy-Cons.

Yet the addition of video streaming app to the Nintendo Switch is a massive achievement. Since its release this year, the Switch has been famous as a gaming device only, making it not so much popular among the general audience. And since the competing consoles come with a number of video streaming Apps, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu, the Switch kind of faded away in the background.

But with the addition of Hulu to the built-in eShop of the Nintendo Switch makes the Switch a little more than gaming. And hence more famous amongst the people in general. You’ll be able to grab the app from the eShop and use your Switch to stream The Handmaid’s Tale starting today. There’s a free trial on offer, and returning customers can use either Hulu’s live TV package or the traditional Hulu experience on the system.

The arrival of Hulu brings more felicity for the future and the chances for the introduction of more apps to the Nintendo Switch. It is inevitable now; the introduction of some music apps to the eShop in 2018 and maybe, just maybe we might get to see Netflix too on the Switch.

All in all, the switch is a perfect device for kids today. A gaming instrument with the added benefit of video streaming, perfect for gamers and those who are looking for a little more than that.

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