Huge Price Drop Attracts Buyers of Oculus Rift

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The next level of gaming Oculus Rift, a Virtual Reality Headset, along with its Touch Controller is now available at amazingly lower rates of $598 USD after a huge drop in price in the US. Touch works like magic and makes users feel their VR actions as real as never before. Oculus Rift already gained its popularity in VR world also it is recommended as “Future of Gaming”. It is rumored that Oculus Rift 2 soon to b launched with more advanced specificity.

Oculus rift is not less than a roller coaster ride for its users as it provides a whole new meaning of entertainment and gaming with its high immersive technology. It is turning people’s dreams and ideas into reality by converting one’s smartphones, PC, and games into a VR device. These portable devices can be used anywhere and give you the experience of the entirely different world.

Touch controller is easy to use the device. The actions done by hand are fully enjoyed by the users. This device is easier to use and anyone can use it without being an expert. Thus provide natural essence off using rift without prior knowledge. This device has gone through some advancement and redefined to make it more attractive. It has become more comfortable, customizable, adaptable etc.

After its launch, its competitor HTC Vive took over the market and overshadowed the original brand due to some loopholes of the products. Throughout the years it works on the modification of the device in order to take the market back from HTC’s hands.


Therefore it has lower down the price to cope up with the problem and also it shows some positive advancement like the range of sensor increase, as a result, the play area space also increased in the same way, the touch controller has converted into most compatible and easy to handle device. But the major drawback is all its accessories come with additional charges which are sometimes unacceptable. The detail of pricing is given below.

The great news for Oculus Users is the news of the launch of Oculus Rift 2 with much more advancements and lower rates.  But it is still not confirmed from respected sources about the release date. Oculus launch would help oculus to grow its business again till HTC would take initiative to launch its upgraded second series. The experts estimated the qualities and price of new, easy to buy Oculus 2.

The users want oculus wants to be wire free therefore the experts are working hard to make it wireless gaming. But if this device converts into wireless than automatically the amount and pricing of this gadget will increase and buyers decrease with the passage of time.

Therefore using a headset while playing, watching movies is better than buying a single device which is expensive. If the wireless device cost high then the market value of products will decrease. Therefore the oculus officials give importance to increase the sale rather than working on wireless devices.

Also, Eye Tracking is something that is beyond our imagination. Mark Zuckerberg recently mentioned about introducing eye tracking technology included in Oculus rift. It provides highly defined focus on anything without moving the head. It helps its users to focus on the single object rather it would be small creatures on papers. It is something far of imagination that the gamer can easily recognize what other gamer is looking at. It is some sort of interaction. The character that interacts with us during a game knows where we are looking or not.

Looking down and we cannot see our body is something we don’t want to think about but hand tracking gives its users the experience of interacting with the real life and environment which are not possible with our hands. It is due to hand tracking which provides a different type of sensation. In the same way, Oculus Gloves to bring the hands of people into the virtual world in such a way that we would be able to utilize our information. People can draw, making web-shooting and different hand gestures.

It has provided a platform for people to make new friends through Oculus Community, from all around the world. One can play individually or with the cooperation of different people to know a wide range of experience and to discover new friends in the community. Entering into a world of the rift is something that never experienced before. Whether you are doing anything watching movies with family or playing games with friends one can feel their own presence in that environment is something amazing.


Size:  184x114x89 mm

Weight: it weighs 470 grams

Material: it feels like rubber like material when touched, it is made up of plastic and fabric

Display: PenTile OLED

Graphics:  2160×1200 (1080×1200 per eyes) @ 90 HZ

Sound: portable integrated 3D audio earphones which can be removed

Connectivity: a user has to connect the headset with the PC with the help of wire to enjoy gaming.

USB port: HDMI 1.3, USB 3.0, USB 2.0

Price: the cost of Oculus Rift is dropped down recently. The price of this product is $598 USD on amazon.

It also provides different accessories through which users get the opportunity to enjoy their favorite video games, spending time with their friends and family or watching movies in immersive media in order to come into contact with all different outlooks.

Oculus Rift earphones:

The immersive video will be a waste if the users get distracted with audio disturbance. In order to reduce these disturbing sounds, one can purchase Oculus Rift Earphones which are specially designed to cope up with this type of distraction, separately. It is available at $49 USD.

Oculus Sensor:

The feeling of presence in a whole new world of VR is now possible with the accessibility to Oculus sensor. It has magically advanced constellation tracking technology to track the movement of the user and transform it into VR. The person will be able to feel his real presence at that place. It can be bought separately only for those who already have Rift. It is available at $59 USD. It is designed to work with every type of setup to provide convenience to its customer.

It also has some replaceable parts which are available which includes

Oculus Remote worth $29 USD,

Oculus 4 Meter headset cables available at $49 USD,

Oculus On – Ear headphones pricing $39 USD

Oculus Rift Fit that cost $29 USD.            

There is no way back from the world of virtual reality, people are more into advancing the technologies to enjoy the future world. In order to decrease skyrocketing prices, Oculus Rift 2 should come with a minimal amount. It should use appealing techniques to increase sale also stop selling accessories separately. Additional purchasing of accessories leaves the feeling of guilt among buyers.


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