Huge performance boost by AMD/ATI Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1

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Since the Graphics card market is tamed nowadays we are not getting any new piece of Hardware to provide the necessary Graphical horsepower to our system; both Graphics card manufacturers are providing the software updates to get the most out of the Graphics card that their respective consumers use.

While most of the updates that we get are mostly catered towards fixing the bugs, some updates are released to augment the customer’s experience with the games they play every day. AMD has recently released an update that provides the performance boost and according to AMD the results are fascinating. They released the new Adrenaline update with the plethora of release notes, and they are boasting about the incremental benefits that this update will provide.

The AMD/ATI Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.7.1 was released a day before the release of one of the most anticipated games of the summer Earthfall the game that is developed specifically to work best with AMD graphics processor. With this software update, you will be able to get the performance boost respective of your graphics card. Up to 28% faster performance using RX VEGA 56 at 1440p resolution, up to 22% faster performance using Radeon RX 580 (8GB) at 1440p resolution and up to 27% faster performance using the Radeon RX 560 (4GB) at 1080p resolution with this update. So, you can expect better performance If you happen to have one of the above mentioned Graphics cards whenever you get the game.

Image: PC gamer
Image: PC gamer

Other than improvement for the Earthfall, AMD has fixed many bugs that were prevailed during the last update. Whenever the consumer tries to play the Fortnite season 5 on an AMD graphics card the game hangs when the throwing stars are visible on the screen, so updating to the new software will solve the problem.

The memory clock speeds are usually higher than usual that caused the temperatures of the graphics cards to rise this unexpectedly, this update solves this problem. Sometimes if more than one display output device is connected with the Graphics card the option to change the resolution becomes unresponsive and curser lag or lag is general becomes common these issues are also resolved with this update. Wolfenstein 2: the new colossus is one of the best looking first person shooters of this generation, sometimes on AMD hardware the game crashes when Asynchronous compute via game stings is turned one this update also caters to this situation.

All in all, the new adrenaline update provides enough boost and solutions to the problems persisting to AMD’s graphics cards, if you own AMD graphics card then you can download it over AMD’s website.


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