Huawei Will Be Launching The World’s First Truly Foldable Smartphone In November

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Smartphones are progressing at a rapid pace and every year phone makers come with innovative ideas to make this tech even better. In the past many OEMs like Samsung, LG and Apple have been rumored to be working on the idea of a foldable but it seems like Huawei could be the one gunning for the “world’s first foldable smartphone” title.

According to a recent report by ETNews, Huwaei is planning to launch a truly foldable smartphone this year in November. The world’s third largest phone manufacturer is aiming to beat the top players like Samsung without the support of all-important US market.

Huawei’s foldable smartphone is completely different from what we have seen in past on ZTE Axon M, a quirky smartphone featuring two displays connected by a hinge in the middle. Instead, it is an actual bendable smartphone that will feature a single foldable display.

Image by PCRevue

The sources also told that the phone will most likely feature LG’s OLED panel, a display which company has been working a long time with. Also,  Huawei’s phone is tipped to fold only inward as outward folding is a lot trickier to master – something that Samsung has also struggled with.

Samsung will also be launching their foldable smartphone the ‘Galaxy X‘ sometime in December and is delayed because the company is obsessed with the user experience which is a good thing as technically accomplished hardware loses some of its shine if it does not actually work.

The CEO of Huawei’s consumer business group, Richard Yu, said that the company already had a workable prototype, but stressed the need for better design and innovation. But this does not mean that the phone will be available for purchase right after its launch. The company will wait for the feedback about the tech and will then apply to the smartphone before releasing it in the market.

If all this is accurate then the foldable design will completely revolutionize the smartphones and will offer a lot more advantage than traditional smartphones on the market. This tech will allow us having an even larger display which can crimp over itself, becoming much smaller to carry around when not in use – making it easier to carry.

Still there remains the question about whether this foldable display technology is actually ready yet or even exists in a complete form as a Qualcomm executive claimed last month that the developers have not really cracked the material science right now to create the electrodes that can remain unaffected by this bending and folding.

We will still have to wait for the device to come out and see for ourselves to be sure about this technology. Stay tuned for more info on this topic. Let us know what you think about foldable smartphones in the comments section below.


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