Huawei steps into the router industry with its Huawei Q2 Wi-Fi System

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We all get downright disappointed when in the middle of something important, the Wi-Fi signal suddenly drops. This is because your Wi-Fi router isn’t able to cover every area of your house. There are bound to be dead zones. Mesh Networking Systems have mitigated the problem to a large extent. The latest contender in the market is in the form of Huawei Q2.


This year’s CES once again came under the spotlight, when Huawei, which is one of the world’s largest handset manufactured unveiled that it would be stepping into the router market as well. It would be launching a totally new product called Huawei Wi-Fi Q2, which is a hybrid 5G-powerline Wi-Fi system. It thinks its system has the tendency to solve all your common router problems.

Basically, there would be a centralized router which would sync with other “satellites”. These satellites are basically repeated and are plugged into an electrical outlet. The centralized router and the satellites shall be sold in sets.


If you want to access Wi-Fi comfortably across five to seven rooms, then the three-pack set of base-units, should do the job. Else, you can also go for one base unit, and two satellite units, which shall cover lesser rooms though; around 4 to 5. Furthermore, if you happen to have a small residential area such as an apartment, then even one base unit and another repeater satellite should pretty much do the job too.

As far as the price-tag is concerned, the price of Huawei Wi-fi Q2’s three bases is $349.99 or if you opt for a base and two satellite repeaters, then it shall cost you quite less: $349.99.

In case you are worried about the hassle of setting up each router and it’s satellites, then you shouldn’t. Once the main base unit it’s configured, all other subsequent connected units shall share the same settings. This mean’s it won’t take more than a minute or two for setting up a repeater satellite.

Image: NDTV
Image: NDTV

The specifications are an important part of any router. The router is capable of delivering around 1867 Mbps of speed on a hybrid connection courtesy bonding the speed of PLC (Power Line Communication) and mesh Wi-Fi. Not only this, in case you ever were planning for a large house party now is the time to. It shall allow up to 192 connections and that’s a lot of people in a house party. But this is if you opt for the complete system which comprises of a base station along with its 16 satellites.

The default frequency band for the system is 5 GHz and is fully capable of supporting 16 hotspot connections as well. Not only this, but the router also has an anti-brute function. This prevents any brute force attack to crack your Wi-Fi password. In turn, this saves your network from unauthorized internet access. Furthermore, the switching time is just 100ms on its 802.11v protocol.

“The WiFi Q2 auto-selects the channel to use but also reserves the second channel that it saves for IoT devices. There’s no manual setup for that, with Huawei promising that its mesh system can automatically spot IoT traffic and route it accordingly.” Slashgear reported.

As of now, it’s not known when the devices shall be rolled out in the market. Keep checking our website for any further news on this amazing new product from Huawei Technologies.


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