The Huawei P10 and P10 Plus Review

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Last year Huawei entered the market of flagship smartphones with a surprise by releasing their Huawei P9 with high end specifications, Leica – Dual lens setup at the back and a great design.

This device was a complete success for the company and its success was helped by low price point compared to other flagship smartphones that offer same specs. This year Huawei continued this trend by releasing another flagship smartphone the ‘Huawei P10‘.

The Huawei P10 is reminiscent to the P9, it looks like the P9 was such a hit that the company decided to modify and tweak it up a bit and release it as Huawei P10. This is the latest phone in the P series and has proved to be the best in the company’s lineup, although this device is much expensive and the prices are almost close to its competitors.

Down below you can find out just how good the P series has become in our full review of Huawei P10 and P10 plus.

• Design:

The Huawei P10 shares a pretty similar design to its predecessor, the only main difference is that it has more rounded edges and the fingerprint scanner has been moved from the back and now it is located in the front which also serves as the home button.

This phone greatly reassembles the iPhone 7 due to its slim profile, rounded edges and the dual camera placement. This isn’t that much of a big deal cause the phone looks really great and feels really good in hands but the company should slightly care about the originality.

The P10 and P10 Plus both have similar and impressive build quality with solid metal construction that provides a premium feel. On the right side you will see all the buttons and on the left side of the phone there is a sim and micro SD card slot for expandable storage. The power button has a nice color accent to it which looks really great. These devices are incredibly thin measuring at 7mm which makes them lightweight and easy to grip.

If you look at the back of the phone you will see glass ‘visor’ which has been around in previous P devices. There is a Leica dual lens setup at the top left corner with a two tone LED flash. You’ll find Huawei branding in the middle and there are also esque antenna bands at the bottom.

Image by Ubergizmo

• Display:

If you don’t feel comfortable with the devices with 5.5 inch or larger displays then P10 might be the device you like as it has a 5.1 inch 1080p IPS Display. On another hand the P10 plus has a 5.5 inch 2560p IPS display with slightly more pixels per inch.

Both the displays look stunning and produce crisp images. The colors of the display are on cooler sides and the display can get pretty bright about up to 600 nits. It is worth pointing out here that the Huawei P10 plus has a display mode setting to reduce the higher resolution of the screen to render text and images much larger than its actual size.

• Hardware:

The P10 and P10 Plus are both powered by Huawei’s latest chipset the ‘Kirin 960’ combined with the latest and the greatest GPU Mali G71 MP8 GPU. The Kirin 960 is an octa core beast with four high performance Cortex A73 cores clocked at 2.4 GHz and four energy efficient Cortex A53 cores clocked at 1.8 GHz for less power demanding operations.

The P10 and P10 Plus have slightly different specs from each other, P10 comes with 4 GB Ram while the P10 Plus comes with an option of 6 GB Ram. Both the phones have storage options of 64 GB and 128 GB to choose from.

These devices perform really great and hit pretty high up in the benchmark scores. The animations feel pretty smooth and the performance is pretty snappy. There is no lag, stutter or app crashes or another unexpected behavior.

You can easily run graphics intensive games at a decent frame rate of 50 FPS, the gameplay feels pretty smooth and the device doesn’t heat up that much even after 1-2 hours of gameplay.

There is a single bottom firing speaker at the bottom that gets pretty loud without getting cranked up. But, Huawei should next time consider the option of Boom Sound with dual front firing speaker. The call quality is also great and it even has ‘Loud Voice’ mode which helps to boost call volume in a noisy environment without needing to switch to the speaker.

The battery life on both the phones is pretty decent and the phones last a whole day. They come with 3,200 mAh battery which provides 5 hours of screen on time, even under heavy load the phone provides 4 hours of screen on time. The fast charging charges the phone from 0 to 50% in just half an hour which is pretty good.

There is a USB Type-C port and a headphone jack at the bottom.

Image by The Verge

• Camera:

Huawei offers great cameras when it comes to the P series. The dual lens setup in the P10 and P10 plus have a 12 megapixel RGB sensor and a 20 megapixel monochrome sensor. The camera setup has been improved from last year, however, you need to understand the camera to get great looking shots.

There is an 8 megapixel camera up front for high quality selfies with an f1.9 aperture which helps in getting good lower light shots. There are various selfie modes including a perfect selfie mode which requires you to look in a few different directions so it can produce a beautiful looking selfie.

Image by Huawei
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