Huawei Mate 10 Pro; A must have phone

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Huawei’s Mate series has enjoyed substantial success worldwide and therefore another release was imminent. This came in the form of Huawei Mate 10 pro, which was just launched today in Singapore. It is available in both colors there: Midnight Blue and Mocha Brown.

The phone has garnered positive reviews courtesy its advanced features which we shall explore in depth.

Translation made easy

The phone features a unique Kirin 970 chipset. Courtesy a partnership between Microsoft and Huawei, the Translator app utilizes this chip to deliver you translations of voices at blazing speeds. The downside is that currently that this is meant for a limited number of languages, but most are expected to be added to it. It doesn’t support Bahasa Melayu or Tamil for example for now. The best thing is that if your voice is in a clear tone, it would take no long time to deliver you the translation.

Object Recognition courtesy AI

Due to the rising artificial intelligence, the phone is also able to detect up to 13 different types of scenes. These scenes include dogs, cats, people, plants, food, text, snow and more. Not only does it recognize them, but it also adjusts the camera settings for an optimal image.

Knuckle Gestures

Other gestures getting too mainstream? No problem! Huawei Mate 10 features Knuckle Gestures. These enable your phone to do some tasks by the simple knocking on the phone by your knuckles. You can easily take a screenshot by knocking on the screen two times. For those who enjoy split-screen multitasking video, this feature would be much handy, since you can easily bring it up by knocking on the screen followed by a single line across the screen. As far as the screen-recording is concerned, it is easier to bring it up too by just two taps on the screen.

Desktop Mode

We all know how tedious it is to carry around a laptop with you for purposes like board meetings and presentation. Fear not, since your Mate 10 pro now features a Desktop mode, which can convert your phone into a very small laptop by showing a full desktop on the screen to which it is attached. The best part is it won’t interrupt your regular phone features, and you can keep using the phone as is. The only thing you might need is a USB Type-C to an HDMI cable.

Battery life:

The Mate 10 boasts a large capacity 4000 mAh battery, which isn’t found on many phones these days. This battery can easily last a couple of days without worrying about charging it, even if you find yourself a constant phone user. Furthermore, courtesy the Huawei Supercharge technology, it will just take an hour to charge it to its capacity.

Virtual Mirror:

Ever wanted to change your lookup but couldn’t find any mirror to look into? Mate 10 pro has got you covered since it features a bright selfie mode with even a frame around it which makes the screen mimic an actual mirror. Therefore, you can easily brush your hair or heck do makeup if you want to, straight using the phone screen.

Slim and smart

With the thickness being just a few millimeters, one can easily say that its safe to wrap your fingers and walk at the same time. Moreover, it is also comfortable while holding, so as not to be a burden. Also, the phone features an 18:9 display ratio which means that you can view anything you want on a larger screen compared to other phones of the same dimensions.

Huawei Mate 10 pro is really a must-have phone if you are impressed by the features it offers.

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