How worthy is the new AMD workstation graphics card with a three figure price tag?

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As far as the workstation Graphics are concerned the only name we know is Nvidia their Quadro and TITAN Graphics cards have served the community very well. They are not manufactured for a common consumer, and their specifications are on such a scale that a typical Graphics card consumer would have no use of such card. However, if you are a content creator or a working person who has to deal with networks or an AI researcher who has to deal with huge amount of data the workstation Graphics hardware are for these personnel, which sort of justifies their huge prices. For a lot of years AMD has been in the shadows of Nvidia as far as workstation Graphics are concerned, but since the arrival of VEGA architecture, AMD’s days of catching up are over.

Image: Anandtech
Image: Anandtech

Last year they released a workstation Graphics card based on the VEGA architecture called AMD Radeon Pro WX 9100 which had a price of over 2000 dollars, and it was the AMD’s answer to the TITAN V. Now at the annual SIGGRAPH graphics conference they have unveiled another workstation Graphics card with a price that is less than $1000, Since 2016 it would be the first workstation graphics card to have a price in three figures.

The AMD Radeon Pro WX 8200 packs enough boost to outclass the Nvidia Quadro p5000 and Quadro p4000 according to AMD, to be specific it is 13 times faster in multitasking than the Quadro p5000. The overall computing power is a bit less than WX 9100, but the difference is only 15-20% at half the price of the original Radeon pro. The single precision boost of this chip is 10.8 TFLOPS while the half-precision boost is 21.5 TFLOPS compared to 24.6 TFLOPS in WX 9100.

Image: AMD
Image: AMD

The specifications include 3,584 stream processors, 64 ROPs (rendering output units) and the boost clock speed of 1.5GHz. AMD has again used the High bandwidth memory for the VEGA Graphics card the size is 8GB with the clock speed of 2.0Gbps and memory bandwidth of 2048-bit.

The Graphics chip used to make the Graphics card is a VEGA 10 fabbed with the GloFo’s 14nm manufacturing process. Since the Graphics card is meant for the workstation, AMD has tweaked some of the VEGA architecture to make it more capable in multitasking and rendering scenarios. The total power the Graphics card requires is 230W. To no surprise, the price of the Graphics card is $999, and it will be available in the market in a few days.

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