How to take down Thanos in Fortnite’s Infinity Gauntlet mode

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The current Infinity Gauntlet event has brought the MCU’s greatest Villain, Thanos to Fortnite. For the duration of this event, players are able to play as the Mad Titan himself in the “Infinity Gauntlet mode”.

Fortnite is enjoying a great period of growth and popularity currently. The game recently launched a new major update that marked the beginning of its new season which brought a lot of changes to the game including new locations to the map. At the same time, the Avengers: Infinity War movie came out and it has smashed records pretty fast.

What happens when you take two of the hottest things in their respective genres and bring them together? You’d get the Fortnite Infinity Gauntlet mode which lets players play as Thanos, wielding all six infinity stones in the gauntlet. If you’ve watched Avengers: Infinity War, you know that Thanos is pretty much unstoppable. It’s a similar story in Fortnite too as he has some cool abilities and a lot of health. Even after multiple updates that nerfed the Mad Titan, he’s still pretty powerful, but it’s not impossible to take him down. With the right approach, he can be easily taken down.

How to play as Thanos

Before going into on how to beat him, if you haven’t played as Thanos yet, then you’re missing out on a lot of fun. You literally become the Mad Titan himself and are able to wield the awesome powers of the infinity stones. Naturally, you become super powerful in doing so as well, if you use your new powers correctly, you can easily cruise towards a Victory Royale.

In theory, it’s pretty easy to become Thanos in Fortnite: Battle Royale, but in reality, it’s not as easy as it sounds. In order to take part in the Infinity Gauntlet event, you must load up the specialized “Infinity Gauntlet mode” which is the standard Battle Royale mode of Fortnite. The event has been put in a separate mode so that it’s completely on choice whether anyone wants to take part in the event or not.

The game mode starts like any other Battle Royale game would start, you drop down, gather materials and loot, kill enemies. You’ll be notified once the Infinity Gauntlet drops down on the map, it’s always random which area of the map it drops down on. Once the gauntlet is on the map, it’s visible to everyone and it shows up on your radar too. People already close to the gauntlet will most likely be able to get it, but as already mentioned: it’s not that easy.

Since its visible to everyone on the map, expect to run into a lot of gunfire while trying to retrieve the gauntlet which is what makes getting the gauntlet so hard. However, if you do get a hold of the gauntlet, you turn into Thanos and now the real fun can begin. As Thanos, you can fire a beam out of his gauntlet, or jump up in the air and slam down. You can also hover up in the air and fire the laser or just throw a mean punch. Thanos’ attacks are very powerful and he also has a lot of HP, thus making him extremely powerful and very hard to beat.

How to beat Thanos?

If you weren’t able to get that gauntlet, or you were just simply far away from it, whatever the reason may be, now you have a problem. Someone else is running around as Thanos and it’s not that easy to kill him. Not only does Thanos have a lot of health, but his devastating attacks can kill you pretty quickly, therefore, you need to be careful.

When someone eventually does turn into Thanos, he’s visible on the map. There are several strategies through which you can kill him. The best strategy would be to go in a group. If you see multiple enemies rushing towards Thanos, don’t shoot them, instead, help them. It’s hard to beat Thanos one-one-one, therefore, put away your differences with the others for a while in order to beat the common enemy.

However, if you’re alone and you encounter Thanos, then you’re in for a rough ride, you’ll need a lot of skill and timing to pull this off. What you want to be doing is preferably be holding a shotgun that has good range and damage. Now, one of Thanos’ weaknesses is that once he goes up in the air to come back down and slam, he can’t change direction in mid-air, not that much. Therefore, it’s not hard to dodge his attacks. You need to be literally bunny hopping constantly to evade all his attacks because it takes only one or two hits from Thanos to get killed.

Keep up the hopping and as soon as you dodge an attack, you get a small window to attack, use it and fire whatever weapon you have. Build any barriers, walls, or anything that may help you, again, having more people helps. When choosing a weapon to use on Thanos, go for damage and range, accuracy isn’t that important because Thanos is massive, so it’s really hard to miss. Keep this up until you’re finally able to get the Mad Titan down. Once Thanos is down however, all hell breaks loose again because the gauntlet is up for grabs again, and whoever gets it becomes Thanos again. Therefore, think before rushing towards the gauntlet as it may cost you your Victory Royale.

When is the Infinity Gauntlet event ending?

Epic Games hasn’t revealed when the event will end, although they did mention it’s only temporary. However, you should hop on and make the most of it while you still can, it’s really fun if you get a hold of the gauntlet. It’s just as fun playing as Thanos as well as playing against him, especially if there are multiple people fighting him at the same time.

The Avengers-themed event shows just how popular Fortnite has gotten. Around a month ago, the game had the attention of celebrity Drake, and now it’s joining forces with Marvel to give fans one of the most ambitious crossovers ever. Fortnite has come a long way and this event just shows that there could be much more similar things headed towards the game in the near future.


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